Top Crypto Presales For 2024: BlockDAG, SimuGaze, 5thScape, HealthLink & ArtNFT

by BSC News

May 14, 2024


Catch BlockDAG’s recent Piccadilly Circus appearance, and early mainnet launch, leading the pack for 2024's top cryptocurrency presales, followed by SimuGaze, 5thScape, HealthLink, and ArtNFT.

Analysts predict a surge in pre-public offerings and crypto presales in 2024, offering lucrative long-term investment opportunities. Early investments pre-IPO yield enhanced returns. Amidst numerous presales, informed choice is crucial.


This article explores promising cryptocurrency presales like SimuGaze, 5thScape HealthLink, and ArtNFT, focusing on BlockDAG, as its updated roadmap reveals a 4-month early mainnet launch. With a recent listing on CoinCapMarket and its celebration at Piccadilly Circus, BlockDAG underscores its growing prominence. Projections suggest a 30,000x ROI potential for BlockDAG, positioning it as a formidable contender in long-term crypto investments.

SGAZE Tokens: Powering SimuGaze Racing

At the core of SimuGaze is the SGAZE token, intended to support players and foster community growth. SGAZE is the main currency for virtual racing, making transactions easy and rewarding participation. SGAZE can be obtained through the presale or by earning it in-game.


With SGAZE, users can access exclusive content and have a say in the platform's development. SGAZE enhances the SimuGaze experience by acknowledging dedication, encouraging community involvement, and providing personalised racing options.

5th Scape Coin: Innovating Gaming on Ethereum

The 5th Scape Coin stands out for its innovation in the gaming industry on the Ethereum blockchain. It introduces a decentralised virtual reality ecosystem, granting players ownership of in-game assets. This shift could impact the gaming industry significantly.


Additionally, the anticipated growth of virtual reality users adds to investor confidence. The presale offers a discounted entry point for acquiring 5SCAPE tokens, potentially leading to long-term gains. Overall, the 5th Scape Coin presents a unique opportunity for investors interested in the cryptocurrency industry.

HealthLink: Revolutionizing Healthcare with Blockchain

HealthLink utilises blockchain technology to streamline medical record management and improve communication between patients and providers. Its decentralised system ensures secure data storage and accessibility across care settings, enhancing treatment efficiency. 


The presale offers an opportunity to acquire tokens at a lower entry point, potentially benefiting from future value appreciation. Embrace the future of healthcare with HealthLink's innovative solutions.

ArtNFT: Democratizing Art Ownership

ArtNFT introduces fractional ownership of art through NFTs, making art investment accessible to everyone. By creating NFTs representing shares of valuable art pieces, ArtNFT democratises art ownership. Additionally, these NFTs can be traded on a marketplace, offering potential value appreciation. Beyond financial gains, ArtNFT provides artists with a new platform to sell their work and reach a wider audience. Embrace the future of art investment with ArtNFT.

BlockDAG at Piccadilly Circus after its CoinMarketCap Listing & 25.7M Presale

BlockDAG has surged ahead to batch 12 of its crypto presale, amassing an impressive $25.7 million and distributing over 8.9 billion coins. The excitement mounts as the updated roadmap reveals BlockDAG's accelerated mainnet launch, now set four months ahead of schedule. This strategic manoeuvre aims to turbocharge BlockDAG towards reaching $600 million by 2024, igniting anticipation among investors and enthusiasts alike.


Moreover, BlockDAG commands attention with its dazzling showcase at Piccadilly Circus, solidifying its position as a frontrunner in the cryptocurrency realm. Previous high-profile events in Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo, and the Sphere, Las Vegas, have further bolstered its visibility and reputation. These strategic moves underscore BlockDAG's pioneering spirit and innovative prowess, garnering heightened interest and engagement from the community and investors.

Final Say

Looking through the 5 best crypto presales for 2024, BlockDAG emerges as the frontrunner, buoyed by its accelerated mainnet launch, projected 30,000x ROI, and the recent dazzling showcase at Piccadilly Circus.


While ArtNFT, HealthLink, SimuGaze, and 5th Scape Coin offer enticing prospects, BlockDAG's strategic manoeuvres and innovative approach steal the limelight. With its early mainnet launch and ambitious roadmap, BlockDAG is poised to redefine the cryptocurrency landscape, capturing unparalleled attention and enthusiasm from investors worldwide.


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