Thorstarter to Kick of Launch of XRUNE on Binance Chain Requiring RUNE for Purchase

Thorstarter launches with the XRUNE token, providing users and investors the opportunity to invest early in IDOs in the ThorChain ecosystem.

John Tunney
June 22, 2021
Blockchain News

XRUNE for Everyone

On June 20th, Thorstarter released the news that they have launched their highly awaited new XRUNE token. The launch of XRUNE also means that there is also a new RUNE-XRUNE pool on THORChain. The purpose of XRUNE is for users and investors to be granted access to IDO campaigns on the Thorstarter platform. The Thorstarter platform is run and a part of the growing THORChain ecosystem. XRUNE also plans to be used as a reward token for active members of the THORChain community. 


Thorstarter plans to launch around June 29, 2021 at 11:00 PM UTC, according to their medium article. The public sale of XRUNE will become available immediately following the launch of Thorstarter. The token price of XRUNE will be around $.01. Anyone can participate in the launch sale of XRUNE with the XDEFI wallet and the native RUNE token already purchased.
There is also a date and time for XRUNE to list on SushiSwap, however, this listing is scheduled for Jul 2, 2021 ~11:00 AM UTC, 3 days after XRUNE becomes available for sale. 


The following excerpts for the Thorstarter docs outline the projects utility:
Thorstarter is a DeFi platform that aims to increase and relay liquidity through the native Thorchain network. Thorstarter will act as an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) platform for new projects, providing them with deep liquidity right from the start. Thorstarter also provides users the ability to efficiently and safely swap long tail crypto assets, and allows any smart contract enabled blockchain to access liquidity from any other Thorchain-compatible chain. Thorstarter looks to help guide and develop up-and-coming projects in the Thorchain ecosystem.

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