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The CronosVerse Gearing Up to Host First Metaverse Party

The CronosVerse is hosting the first metaverse party and concert on Cronos Chain on Nov. 19. Download, gear up and get ready to celebrate!

Party, Concert, Games, Giveaways

The CronosVerse is bringing the first metaverse party and concert to Cronos Chain on Nov. 19.

In the run-up to the event, The CronosVerse tweeted a video showing different areas of the metaverse, premium skins, and more. Premium skins include variations of robots, humans, and animals. Take a look at the video below:

The live event can be accessed via Twitter or by downloading The CronosVerse application for Windows. The party will include live game support, musical performances, mini-games, a PvP competition, and giveaways.

What is The CronosVerse:

The CronosVerse aims to be the first true metaverse project on the Cronos blockchain. Their goal is to create the ultimate social MMO gaming experience for the entire Cronos community.

The project offers users the opportunity to participate as either landowners or as everyday civilians of the CronosVerse, known as the “Crovilians.” Each Crovilian will have their own unique set of traits, identifying their unique role within the CronosVerse society the team has stated.

Where to find The CronoVerse:

Website | Twitter | Discord

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