The Biggest Problem with Climate Change, and How You Can Fix It

The Little Baby Doge solution to climate change through cryptocurrency.

November 18, 2021

The Issue of Climate Change

The menace that is climate change is not getting the attention it deserves. It's a real shame, because it's a global problem that requires global solutions. But the solution only works if every person on this planet is doing their part. We are already aware of the devastating effects it has on our planet but we cannot all push for the appropriate measures because we have climate change critics going against the views of the greater majority.

The European Environment Agency wants these critics to understand that climate change has become a major challenge of our time. From hurricanes to wildfires to heatwaves, the effects of climate change are everywhere and we need to take action before it's too late.Critics should look into this article and understand that despite their push against fighting this issue, climate change is already happening and we can see its effects.

Little Baby Doge Taking up the Challenge

One of the projects putting out a rallying call in an effort to create awareness for our dying planet is the Little Baby Doge project. The project’s team has already witnessed how temperatures keep rising, the increasing frequency of droughts and wildfires that keep appearing out of the blue, not to mention shifting rainfall patterns and a rising sea level. With this view in mind, the Little Baby Doge team wants the crypto ecosystem and the entire world to realize that human activities are the main causative agents of climate change. Various studies already reveal how emissions from man’s industries can be linked directly to climate change. For instance, the UN has warned that the world’s global temperature is rising to more than 1.5C above pre-industrial levels. However, scientists claim that attaining levels below the 1.5C goal will necessitate "rapid, far-reaching, and extraordinary changes" in all aspects of society.

The Little Baby Doge team believes that if we are to mitigate this issue, we need to work towards dealing with human activities that lead to climate change issues. This is why the Little Baby Doge team is focused on securing a partnership with the Greta Thunberg Foundation to join in the fight against climate change. Little Baby Doge has been following the activities of climate change activists closely and is intrigued by the head-on approach embraced by environmentalists around the world in the fight against climate change .

Maintaining a Fighting Spirit

Based on their philosophy, the Little Baby Doge team believes that in addition to human activities, a lack of a fighting spirit is also detrimental to our environment. It is not right to just stand on the sidelines and watch our planet deteriorate yet everyone has a part to play. That being said, the Little Baby Doge team has created several charity wallets to different climate change organizations. The idea behind this initiative is to urge Little Baby Doge members to join in this fight by donating to a charity of their choice.

Let us all be the agents of the change we aspire to see.

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