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Terraform Labs Founder Do Kwon Appeals Extradition Decision in Montenegro

The appeal will be reviewed by the Montenegro court, and the Montenegrin Ministry of Justice faces challenges in reaching a conclusive decision by the December 15 deadline.

Kwon Do-hyung, the founder of Terraform Labs (TFL), has filed an appeal against the recent extradition ruling made by the High Court of Podgorica in Montenegro, according to a local South Korean media outlet.

The Montenegrin Court of Appeal confirmed on December 6 that Kwon Do-hyung contested the decision, stating, “I do not accept the court’s decision to extradite me, so I do not submit to the court’s decision.”

This appeal prompts the Montenegrin Court of Appeals to reassess the extradition decision, introducing uncertainty into the resolution timeline. 

Extradition Request and Timeline

The court initially approved Kwon’s extradition request on November 24, stipulating his transfer to either the United States or his home country, South Korea. 

The current appeal has altered the decision-making timeline, making it challenging for the Montenegrin Ministry of Justice to finalize the extradition destination before the December 15 deadline.

During the extradition trial, Kwon expressed a preference for being extradited to South Korea, a request that was granted by the court. However, the appeal has extended the timeline, potentially rescheduling the extradition proceedings to January, according to Crypto Times.

Despite Kwon Do-hyung’s appeal, local observers in Montenegro suggest slim chances of overturning the extradition decision. A prevailing belief among Montenegrin government officials and judiciary figures is that Kwon’s continued detention attracts undue attention.

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