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Taking a Tour of The SecondLive Spaces

The metaverse platform has taken off in popularity recently. Let’s explore some of their spaces!

Explore the SecondLive Metaverse Spaces

SecondLive has emerged as one of the premier metaverse spaces on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The digital live space took center stage when it hosted the first anniversary of BSC and a premier BSC event over the December 2021 holiday season. 

So far, SecondLive has made the two aforementioned event spaces and a third Mannequin-themed space is on the way. What we want to do here in this article is take a look at the mintable spaces available on SecondLive. 

The platform saw over 80,000 monthly users in January, according to DappRadar. This is an incredible take-off after having no users before December.


The spaces from SecondLive are nothing groundbreaking. If you have ever played something like Sims then you can get a feel for what the space is like. Nearly all spaces in the metaverse still have this primitive digital quality. However, a future of more immersive tech feels right around the corner.

At this time, there are just three mintable personal rooms on SecondLive available on the platform. There are island homes and either blue or pink apartments. 

Let’s take a moment to explore the metaverses available. Everyone joining into SecondLive must create an avatar to roam the world. So, set up your person and get ready to go! Hard not to pick the killer Binance jacket!

(If you need a primer on how to get set-up, check out our guide to preparing SecondLive here)

Ready to dive in? CryptoQuile is ready! Look at that thumbs up reaction!

Once you drop into the house, you’ll be able to explore the limited area of the property. 

The controls to move around are not difficult to understand. The avatar moves with the classic WASD keyboard movement where the spacebar and mouse are used to adjust perspective. 

The island home comes equipped with a house, pool, beach, and a pier with a couple of boats. A lavish lifestyle is fully attainable for your avatar!

The outdoor grass area has a big picture screen for events and livestreaming directly into the space.

Inside the unlocked house (apparently, safety is no concern in the metaverse!), you find a home equipped and ready for living. You’ll find all the necessary amenities of a normal apartment. There is a kitchen, lounge, bathrooms, bedrooms, and a sick balcony view! 

Upstairs, you can explore the bedrooms and take a look out at the see on your patio deck. Look at CryptoQuile out there enjoying his view. He truly feels at home! (Unfortunately, the boat cannot be sailed!)

Skipping back out of the island home, let’s take a look at the two apartments available. Available in just two color schemes, blue and pink, the apartment options are much smaller than island property. 

Each space has the same general set-up as a high-rise-looking studio apartment. Each can function as a meeting place because of the virtual screen available.

The pink apartment has heart-shaped decorations that give it a bit more feminine mystique. The room lends itself to a playful and lively atmosphere. 

And, finally, the blue apartment. First, off the futuristic skyrise view is definitely cool. The blue room seems a bit less cluttered and lends itself to a more business like feel. 

Each room comes with a puzzle mini-game in the room that can give users something mindless to fool around with. CryptoQuile’s puzzle score was trounced by the high scores from the users in his chosen room. The puzzle was a bit complicated but could be accelerated by knowing where and when to click.

The SecondLive metaverses spaces, as you can see, as still in very early stages. Right now, these are more or less testing the backend technology of how users can begin to earn tokens when their space is in use. The potential implications of this technology are vast.

For now, we’ll just have to enjoy the primitive look of SecondLive and wait for the front-end user experience to really catch up with the development. 

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