Suterusu AMA Transcript

BSCNEWS hosts Suterusu Protocol, a protocol that empowers Privacy to Any Other Protocols. All questions answered by HL (@H_Lin100)

March 25, 2021

Crypto Shrimp (AMA Host): Lets welcome Suterusu Team to an exciting AMA at BSC News. Its a pleasure to have @H_Lin100 with us today as well!

HL: It's my pleasure to be here today to introduce the latest development of Suter

And also the recently launched Suter privacy mining program

Crypto Shrimp (AMA Host): we will get to that for sure 🙂

Q1 Lets start off with an introduction of your team? And also please introduce your own background and your role in this project.

HL: Our team has a very diverse background and consists of many senior crypto engineers from top internet companies such as Bytedance, Alibaba, Oracle, Uber, Huawei, etc. Some of them not only have decades of coding experience in these renowned companies, but also have great academic background such as Ph.D. degrees on Mathematics, Applied crypto, and information security, etc. In a word, we are not only great engineers, but we also know what we are doing very well.

Here is my own background: I currently serve as CTO of Suterusu project. I am an applied cryptographer by training. I hold Ph.D. degrees in Applied cryptography and privacy-preserving distributed systems from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the University of Florida, respectively.

HL: huang lin

Shanghai Jiao Tong University/University of florida - Cited by 1,388 - Security/Privacy - Cryptography

HL: worked as a postdoctoral researcher in Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), and then as an associate principal engineer in ASTRI, HongKong. I have published over 20 papers with 1388 citations on applied cryptography and information security. Here is my own twitter account: @Suter78058619 and my own medium account:

Crypto Shrimp (AMA Host): thats really impressive resume and team that you have

Q2 Would you please talk a little bit about what defines Suterusu project? What’s so unique about it?

HL: First of all, thanks a lot for the support of BSC news. It’s great that we can work on this AMA a week after the launch of suter BSC mining program. We hope more people will pay attention to the privacy-preserving ecosystem Suter is currently working on.

As you know, we have already launched the world's first privacy-protection layer-2 protocol on Binance Smart Chain recently. The users can use Suter Shield on BSC to protect their transactional privacy on BSC. Meanwhile, we will work with other projects in the Binance ecosystem such as Dex, Wallet, lending, insurance and liquidity to build privacy-preserving DeFi system for BSC.

HL: Privacy technology is the most complex and challenging technology in the blockchain sphere, but we are extremely confident in the superiority of Suter’s technology.

HL: Everyone knows that Zcash was one of the first to employ the existing zk-snark protocol to design and implement an anonymous cryptocurrency. However, the Zcash protocol has a severe security loophole due to its trusted setup requirement. The trusted setup step is kinda like a hidden bomb. Once the attacker steals the trapdoor info involved in the trusted setup step, the bomb will explode, and the attacker can print an infinite amount of cash without the possibility of being detected.

Suter Shield is based on Suter’s original ZK-ConSNARK scheme without the requirement of trusted setup, and the proof size is 20% smaller than the similar solutions and has a more than 10 times improvement in terms of computational cost. It can guarantee the security and transparency of the solution while also ensuring system efficiency.

我们的论文被密码学顶级会议Eurocrypt 2021收录

我们今天刚收到密码学顶会Eurocrypt 2021收录我们的论文《Efficient range proo

I myself, working with researchers from the French National Academy of Sciences and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany, have developed the underlying algorithm for the Suterusu Protocol. Our work has been accepted by the most prestigious crypto conference Eurocrypt 2021. This is the article introducing this paper on my personal Wechat account (in Chinese):

Q3 What distinguishes Suter Shield from other similar projects such as

HL: Tornado.Cash is a product that is specifically built for the Ethereum ecosystem, so it has gained the support of the early users of the Ethereum community. They have some advantages in terms of TVL and transaction volume, but Tornado.Cash only provides Mixed currency service for ETH and a few other currencies and does not guarantee the confidentiality of the transactional amount.

In contrast, Suter Shield can guarantee the confidentiality of the transactional amount and also the anonymity of the involved parties, and hence can provide a stronger privacy guarantee;

HL: Suter Shield also has a great advantage in terms of usability. For instance, Suter Shield allows the confidential transfer of arbitrary transferred amount as long as it is smaller than the account balance, while only allows the users to transfer predefined units of token, such as 1 or 10or 100. As a consequence, suppose you wish to make a transfer of 589, you only need to perform one confidential transfer in the Suter network, but in you need to split 589 into 5 times 100-transfer plus 8 times 10-transfer plus 9 times 1-transfer, a total of 22 operations. This will incur a huge gas cost and immense inconvenience for the users. Suter Shield is a quantum leap in terms of usability.

Another point is that if you want to transfer money to a friend in, you will need to first generate notes after you deposit and since the note can be used to withdraw your money by anyone, you have to run an encryption app to transfer this note to your friend to guarantee it's secure from the attackers trying to steal your money. In contrast, you can directly transfer your money privately to your friend in the Suter network as long as you know your friend's Suter account, which can be publicly published on a website. Because ordinary users are not necessarily familiar with how to run an encryption app, this is also a great improvement from the perspective of usability.

The technical architecture of confines its service object to Ethereum while Suter Shield is a completely open architecture that is compatible with any blockchain supporting smart contract such as Ethereum, and BSC etc. It can also provide a fundamental infrastructure for building privacy-preserving DeFi in these ecosystems. We also believe Suter Shield will also provide an extra advantage for BSC to build its own ecosystem.

Crypto Shrimp (AMA Host): great!

Q4 As far as we know, Suter Shield has recently launched the “privacy mining” program. Would you please share the details regarding this program and how can we participate?

HL: Suter Shield launched the “Privacy Mining" exactly one week ago. This is a very important marketing activity for our product. The mining program and the method of mining rewards distribution are specifically tailored to be compatible with the nature of Suter Shield. You can find the info regarding how to join the privacy mining program from this video:

HL: Here is the latest stats of Suter BSC privacy mining program

The total transaction volume is close to 70 mil usd

As you can see, we have already collected close to 700K usdt service fee.

Crypto Shrimp (AMA Host): thats a big amount

HL: Yep, it is fairly impressive amount for a mining program only launched one week ago. I am very proud of what we have achieved.

HL: As you all know, Suter Shield is the first private payment product on the BSC chain. We encourage users to try out our product by joining the mining program. Different from other DeFi mining programs, Suter Shield’s privacy mining does not lock the user’s tokens as does, but instead encourage the users to withdraw their tokens from the network anytime they wish.

HL: Users can increase their computing power each time they launch a new fund transaction, and how the individual computing power is calculated is entirely independent of whether the deposited tokens are immediately withdrawn or not. As a matter of fact, we encourage users to continuously "fund (deposit)" and "burn (withdraw)” as many times as they wish to get more familiar with our product.

It should be noted that for each withdrawal operation we will charge a 1% service fee proportional to the withdrawal amount. If the user launches a transfer operation between the deposit and withdrawal, an extra 20% of the gas fee will be charged as the transfer fee. We should note that the transfer operation is unnecessary for the privacy mining program, all you need to do is fund and burn operations for the mining program.

HL: We also note that all the service fee induced by these transactions will be injected into a service fee pool and will be later distributed to the community via the XSuter program. Only the Suter holders can participate in the Xsuter auction, and the received Suter tokens will be destroyed, so Suter will be a deflationary token. Unlike the normal DeFi projects that measure the mining rewards by calculating APY, we use a new metric TRY to calculate the mining rewards since our privacy mining program is indeed a fairly revolutionary program.

Q5 The TRY metric is indeed very special. Can you elaborate a little bit?

HL: Sure, this is a very unique innovation of our project in token economics. The total amount of Suter Shield privacy mining rewards is 100 million SUTERs and the whole program lasts around three months. Around 150 SUTERs are released per block for the BSC program, and about 4.32 million Suters are produced daily, all of which are used as the "privacy mining" reward; The first phase supports BNB and BUSD as the mining currency, the two mining pools each account for 50% of the computing power; We will support new currency mining later, such as USDT/SUETR LP token and other currency mining and will adjust the reward distribution accordingly.

For example, if you join the mining program with 10 BNB, the service fee is 0.1BNB; If the total transaction volume of the BNB mining pool is 10,000BNB, your individual computing power would be one-thousandth of the computing power of the BNB mining pool; if the BNB mining pool reward for each block is 75 SUTER, the reward you get in this block is 0.075 SUTER, and the expected annualized reward is 788,400 SUTER. Assuming that the current price of SUTER is 0.008 U and the current price of BNB is 270 U, the annualized net TRY% for


Please note that the expected TRY depends on the real-time transaction volume and token price. Even if the total transaction volume is 10 times that of the above example, that is, 100K BNB, the annual TRY involved in mining will be still as high as 232.6%.

We have another interesting design here, which is Suter Multiplier. Users can stake a certain amount of Suter tokens for three months, and they can get up to an additional 50% of individual computing power. For example, in the above example, the user staking 1 million Suter to get a multiplier factor of 1.5, and other things being the same, the annual TRY using 10BNB to participate in mining would be 34940%.

Crypto Shrimp (AMA Host): thats an impressive %

Q6 As a project with such a strong technical background, Suterusu has many followers. We are most interested in how to participate in the governance of Suterusu's protocol. I hope Dr. Lin can give us some introduction to the token economics of Suter token.

HL: We believe that the value of tokens comes from the value of products. Only when products provide sufficiently powerful services can tokens capture great value. However, the value of tokens is also determined by factors such as how it’s released and distributed. When you think about token economics, you need to think from two angles: the revenue model and token economics.

From the perspective of the revenue model, both Tornado.Cash and Suter Shield provide basic privacy services to protect transactional data. The basic business model is to charge a certain percentage of the transaction fee based on the amount of processed tokens, so the number of users and the types of supported cryptocurrencies determine the scale of revenue. However, Suter also launched the Xsuter program, which is basically the service fee distribution plan, which is another very unique feature that distinguishes itself from in terms of token economics.

From the perspective of token economic model, SUTER is already fully diluted since January, and the tokens of all the private investors have been unlocked. The tokens of the team will not be unlocked within 1 year. The current staking participation rate of the original POS exceeds 90%.

Q7 I heard Suterusu’s code has been audited? Would you provide more info in this regard?

HL: Suter Shield has been audited and certified by PeckShield

The code of our product Suter Shield has been audited and certified by PeckShield. The detailed report can be found in this GitHub repo…

HL: Packshield, the world's leading blockchain security, and audit company has already completed the audit of Suter Shield’s contracts, and there is no security risk of using the Suter Shield product. Here is the medium article regarding their report:

Q8 How does Suter Shield charge service fee? How would the service fee be distributed?

HL: The project developers don't collect the service fee, and service fee and Xsuter mechanism is designed to expand our community. All the service fees will be injected into the service fee pool and be distributed to the XSUTER holders.

Q9 So all the service fee will be distributed to the Xsuter holders? What is Xsuter? How to participate in the auction of Xsuter?

HL: Yep

HL: xSuter is an in-house token issued on the Suterusu protocol. The service revenue of Suterusu protocol from multiple smart contract platforms will be distributed to the holders of 32000 xSuter. xSuter will be distributed through several rounds of Dutch auction, and a limited and decreasing amount of xSuter will be distributed in each round. Only suter holders can participate in the auction of xSuter and the ratio between xSuter and Suter will increase in each round.

There is no pre-mining of Xsuter or private sale, and all the Xsuter tokens are distributed through auctions. All SUTER obtained from the auctioning of Xsuter will be destroyed. Whenever the cumulative service fee amount reaches a predefined target, Xsuter auctions will be held within 3 days since the target is reached. When the Suter Shield service fee revenue reaches 100,000 USDT, the first round of auction will be held, and the amount of auctioned Xsuter will be 1,000; when the Suter Shield fee revenue reaches 200,000 USDT, the second round of auction will be held, and the amount of Xsuter auctions will be 950; After that, each time the cumulative fee reaches twice of the previous auction, a new round of auctions will be held, and the amount of Xsuter participating in each round of auctions will continue to decrease.

Assuming that the circulation supply of Xsuter is 1,000, and the predetermined revenue target is 100,000 USDT, these revenues might include tokens such as BNB and BUSD. Then, for each Xsuter holer, 100 USDT will be allocated. After that, the revenue pool amount becomes 0. When the second revenue target of 200,000 USDT is reached, the Xsuter circulation supply becomes 1950, then every Xsuter holder will get $200000/1950=$102.56 USDT. Then the existing Xsuter holders will receive a total of 202.56USDT distribution. All Xsuter holders will share the revenue in each subsequent round of distribution.

Q10 Please let us know what are the current ongoing development

HL: Yep, we are about to launch a new farming program based on Suter/BNB on CAKE of BSC. We will officially announce this mining program in a few days. Stay tuned.

Q11 Is there any link where we can get the latest news on Suterusu project?

HL: Suterusu – Medium

Bring the truly layer-2 anonymous transaction solution in Defi, to crypto, and the world.

HL: Please pay attention to our medium:, and our twitter accounts: @suterusu_io, @Suter78058619.

Q12 Finally, would Dr. Lin please share the next step of the Suterusu project?

HL: Sure

HL: The development of Suterusu will focus on two dimensions. One is the integration with other projects at the protocol level. Because Suterusu Protocol itself is positioned as a universal layer-2 protocol. It is a “plug-in-and-play“ protocol similar to the role of Chainlink in the Oracle track, Suterusu protocol can be embedded to all BSC projects as a plug-in to serve the purpose of protection the privacy of data and transaction. Meanwhile, any blckchain supporting the EVM technology can adopt the Suterusu Protocol. We have already partnered with numerous top blockchain projects such as Ren, Harmony, Elrond, Dfinity, Waves, Theta, Link etc. In this regard, please pay your attention to the announcement channel of our project. More great news are coming. For example, a week ago, the founders of ARPA and Bella protocols has joined our advisor team. The second dimension would be new application plug-ins developed by the Suterusu team, such as private lightning loans etc.

HL: We believe what Suterusu can bring to the blockchain and even the internet economy is a unique product that satisfies the user privacy demand while meeting the regulatory requirements. We will ensure the privacy of your transaction while satisfying the risk management requirements of traditional financial institutions. This is not only something Suterusu is working on but also something that all blockchain investment institutions have laid their eyes upon. We believe in the next decade, when finance and entertainment and lots of daily activities in our life are restructured and empowered by blockchain technology, Suterusu will not only become the foundation of privacy-preserving Defi, but also the underlying standard for the entire blockchain ecosystem.

HL: We have full confidence in Suter’s technology foundation, and its potential to become the next ChainLink-level Defi product in the blockchain sphere. We hope that more projects can connect with us if they have any need to protect their clients’ privacy. It will only take about as fast as 24 hours to complete the integration. Suter Shield is a privacy-protection product for all. We believe that Suter will soon become the top player in the global market for Layer 2 privacy products. Thank you for your attention and join our Suter Shield BSC mining program!

Crypto Shrimp (AMA Host): Thank you for your time today at BSC News, we have learnt a great deal about Suterusu today. This will be all for our AMA, @H_Lin100 do stay on for a while and interact with our audience as well, I’m sure there are some questions that we didnt cover on.

A transcript of this AMA will be out shortly too! Thank you everyone once again!

HL: Thanks for hosting this AMA. Thank u all for your attention.

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