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Super Bowl Ad From Binance Inspires Individual Choice

Binance implores individual choice to Super Bowl audience, but do Americans need more seriousness in an ad campaign?

Binance SuperBowl Ad Teaser

Binance arrived to put in its two-cents at the table for Super Bowl ads. The largest crypto exchange in the world launched a campaign starring NBA All-Star Jimmy Butler with a video teaser through social media.

In the video shared via Twitter on February 2nd, Butler spoke directly to the camera about how big crypto exchanges are coming to tell you how to handle your crypto finances. But Butler and Binance and around to remind you not to listen to them…

“On [SuperBowl Sunday] you’re gonna hear some of the biggest names telling you to get into crypto,” Butler said. “But they don’t know you or your finances; only you do. Binance and I are here to tell you, trust yourself and, of course, do your own research. Be on the lookout for more before the game.”

Binance––and Butler––are surely poking fun at the mega-commercial fest that is the Super Bowl. In an industry with fierce competition for attention, Binance is reminding users to look inward, and double-check themselves before making any decision in crypto. 

However, some argue that Binance could do better as the largest exchange to run a better marketing campaign than one that admonishes its competitors. Binance remains the largest exchange in the world, but still lags behind in flipping the US audience. In order to hit that population, a bit more seriousness could go along way in bridging the gap with the US audience.

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