Sunflower Land CEO Releases Developer's Diary to Help Web3 Builders

by BSC News

September 1, 2022


Sunflower Land CEO Adam Hannigan shares his crypto journey and the lessons he learned while bringing the GameFi project to where it is today.

Adam Hannigan, CEO of the Polygon PlayAndOwn blockchain game, Sunflower Land, shares his journey in creating an open-source Web3 game.

The first four installments of the six-part series telling the history of Sunflower Land were released via Twitter on Aug 3. Hannigan shared his crypto journey in the hopes of helping aspiring Web3 builders on theirs. The first part focused on how he got into crypto and his initial projects, while the second part highlights the thought process behind his initial game idea.

“Building in Web3 is all about transparency and trust,” Hannigan told BSCNews. “I wanted to show that it is possible to create a wildly successful game without the need ICOs, pre-sales and VC funding. The hope is to inspire more projects that take on more sustainable and community focused approaches to Web3 development.”

The rise of Sunflower Farmers, the initial version of the current game, was the topic of part three of Hannigan’s diary. The game picked up steam and the community started building on its own. Part four compared Sunflower Farmers to a runaway train and touched on how it caused congestion within the Polygon network. Bots became a thorn for the game devs and ultimately caused the project to plant new seeds.

“Personally, the last 8 months have been crazy and I've barely had time to catch my breath - Doing the diaries is a journaling and meditation exercise where I can reflect back on what happened and analyze the situation,” Hannigan added.

Rebranding as Sunflower Land, the game underwent a new Beta launch in April through a different set of smart contracts and an updated roadmap. Hannigan hosts his diary entries on his Medium page.