Steve Harvey Drops his First NFT for Charity

The comedian and talk show personality recently revealed that he would be releasing NFTs, donating all the proceeds to charity.

John Tunney
May 19, 2021
Blockchain News

Harvey Drops His Own NFTs 

On May 14th, Steve Harvey announced that he has partnered with Rarible to start dropping NFT’s to help raise money for the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, a charity offering education and scholastic development programs. Harvey is a big believer in crypto, and hopes to capitalize on selling his NFTs to fund his charity foundation. 

The NFTs

There are currently 3 Steve Harvey NFTs on Rarible to choose from:

  • The first is a GIF of Steve Harvey from his early days on the comedy stage. There will be 112 editions.
  • The second NFT shows Steve Harvey’s digital signature 
  • The final NFT will be limited to 1 edition and will be sold at auction. The NFT will include the tie found in the NFT autographed by Harvey.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are tokens on the blockchain that function like a collectible or an original piece of artwork. NFTs are unique due to information in their coding, which distinguishes and confirms the authenticity of the NFT. NFTs are novel, digital crypto assets, which have grown tremendously in popularity across the digital finance world.

About Rarible 

Rarible is an Ethereum-based NFT auction site founded in 2019 by Alexander Salnikov. It serves as an NFT marketplace where users can buy and or sell NFTs. The Steve Harvey series is one of many exciting releases that the platform has put out during this booming NFT trend. The site is easy to use and offers tons of live auctions for interested buyers looking to bolster their collection. 

An Exciting Collaboration 

Salnikov seemed excited to bring Steve Harvey aboard the Rarible protocol, saying:

 “We're honored to host Steve’s first NFT drop. He's a trailblazer and a global voice who speaks to people everywhere. We cannot wait to see the reaction from our global user base.”

Steve Harvey is also excited about the partnership, saying:

 “I’m excited about NFTs, and this new opportunity to give back via the Foundation while also bringing awareness to this new technology.” Harvey and Rarible are giving Steve Harvey fans a unique opportunity to collect rare Steve Harvey memorabilia. 

Significance of the Launch

There are two significant insights that can be drawn from the mutual partnership between Harvery and Rarible. The first significant aspect of Steve Harvy creating his own NFT is that the move signals to his audience that there is value and purpose behind NFTs. Harvey’s move to publish his own NFTs may also inspire other influential celebrity figures to get on board as well. Harvey sees the value of the digital asset, so there is a strong chance other celebrities will also join the trend, seeing how NFTs open up a world of possibilities. Harvey hopes to shine a light on a market where creators can leverage their content to create real value. 

The second significant aspect that can be drawn from Harvey launching his own NFTs is that famous celebrities like Harvey can use the platform to raise money for charity. Crypto and charity work have been talked about more and more in unison. Harvey showing that NFTs and crypto currency can benefit charities hints further that the macro mechanics of crypto do carry real value; not just for investors, but for the community as well. 

Closing Thoughts

Are NFTs the future? Will great artists move away from the paint brush and instead to graphic design programs? NFTs are an incredibly interesting dynamic of the blockchain network, and it will be really exciting to see where it all goes in the coming years. There is no doubt that the concept is here to stay, even as cryptocurrencies see turbulence in their markets. With the shift of the modern world moving towards digitizing nearly all assets, it isn’t much of a reach to say that NFTs are perhaps the most exciting development the art community has seen recently.

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