Step Hero Releases NFT Staking to Earn $STEP in Bounty Hunting Feature

The Bounty Hunt feature is now live. Users can participate by staking their NFT Heroes to earn $STEP rewards.

Utulu Hope
September 24, 2021
BSC News

Step Hero Calls On Bounty Hunters  

After long speculation, Step Hero has finally launched its Bounty Hunting feature. The new Non-fungible Token (NFT) feature, as the protocol terms it, will allow users to stake NFTs and earn rewards in their native $STEP tokens. 

The Bounty Hunting feature is an innovation created by the NFT GameFi protocol to maximize user yield while staking HERO NFTs on the Step Hero marketplace. The feature was released on 23rd September at 14:00 UTC, according to Step Hero’s tweet

“BOUNTY HUNTING is officially launched! Now you can hunt more and more $STEP,” Step Hero tweeted. 

Users need to visit the Step Hero Bounty Hunt page, stake their HERO NFTs and compete in Bounty Hunts to earn rewards in $STEP. With this, Step Hero is not only engaging users through rewards, but the protocol is also increasing mainstream adoption. 


How to Participate? 

  • Visit the Bounty Hunting page Here. The page displays the Battle Field, which comprises everyday bounty rewards, total hunting points, and the number of bounty hunters. 
  • Next, connect your wallet by clicking the unlock wallet button at the top right-hand corner of the page. Again, users have a variety of wallets to choose from. 
  • Choose the wallet address you want to connect with on the Bounty Hunting page and confirm the connection. 
  • Choose the Hero NFT to participate in Bounty Hunting. The Heroes that your wallet address owns will display in the “My Barracks” section. 
  • Select one Hero from the My Barracks section and click ‘Go Hunt.’ This process can be repeated several times with all HERO NFTs/Heroes.
  • Make sure you confirm the transaction in your wallet. 
  • All the Heroes sent out for Bounty Hunting will display on the ‘My Clan’ section, and they can be withdrawn from the Hunt by clicking the ‘Go Rest’ button. 
  • $STEP rewards will display in the My Clan section, and you will be able to withdraw by clicking ‘Claim.’ 

According to Step Hero’s blog, the Heroes used in the Bounty Hunt can not join the Step Hero Role Play Game (RPG) and can not be traded on the HERO marketplace. 

Read Step Hero’s Whitepaper to learn more about the feature and the rules of the Hunt. 

What is Step Hero? 

Step Hero is a multi-chain role-playing game. Step Hero provides a GameFi ecosystem where players can enjoy fantasy games and earn crypto rewards. Step Hero's development team comprises members with specializations in various fields. The team says it wants to make Step Hero GameFi's most entertaining NFT game.

To learn more about Step Hero, visit the following links:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Reddit | Telegram | Youtube | Discord

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