STEM - Low-Risk Sports Betting

Explore blockchain sports betting by buying tokens of sports teams and earning on their performance.

What is STEM? 

STEM is a token exchange project for sports team statistics. Each sports team has a personal token on the STEM exchange. The price of each team token is determined by the team's statistics such as the team's game, world ranking, position in the standings, cost of team players, and other data. 

On STEM, users can buy these team tokens and earn from their performance. Depending on the trends of their statistics, the token prices change. 

STEM proposes that they are creating a new class of financial assets for sports teams that could improve the sports betting industry. 

How STEM Works? 

Every user, even without registration, can view news, sports team analytics, and predictions on the platform. They can watch the rise and fall of football teams’ tokens, communicate in club chats, or a public one among other users. Everyone sees all the applications on the stock as a graph that shows all the rate movements. 

Registered users can participate in betting, deposit, or withdraw money within the STEM exchange. Additionally, they can make applications to buy or sell tokens and see all other applications in the Depth of Market (DOM). 

The STEM Exchange Market

Features of STEM Exchange 

STEM was launched to solve the problems of the sports betting market, according to the STEM team. The sports betting market is faced with a high probability of punters losing their money from every bet placed, deception and fraud from bookmakers, and negative attitudes towards bookmakers by the community. 

Here are the benefits of utilizing STEM exchange for sports betting proposed by the STEM website: 


There is no risk of losing the entire deposit if your game forecast doesn’t come true. However, the cost of team tokens after a bad match will change slightly.

Money Making in The Long Run

STEM exchange features a clear and transparent mechanism for estimating the value of tokens—the predictability of price changes over time, which STEM claims creates a high chance of generating income. 

No Negative Attitudes 

The STEM community admires traders' perspective of analyzing sporting events. 


Punters will save their time searching for news and information on the STEM Exchange. All the necessary information, news, and live broadcasts will be on the platform. 

Referral Reward System

Users get additional revenue from having new users join the STEM Exchange through their code. 

Complete Security of Your Assets 

All transactions within the STEM Exchange pass through blockchain, which guarantees the security and integrity of the trade. 

The STEMX Token 

STEMX is the main token of the STEM Exchange ecosystem, which can be used in any trading pair. The token allows users to carry out cheap deposits and withdrawals from the exchange. In addition, holders will receive privileges and bonuses and participate in the governance of STEM by making important decisions on the project. The STEMX token utilities are as follows: 

One Token = Two Applications 

STEMX is a service token that serves as an internal currency on the STEM Exchange, and it can also be exchanged for fiat currencies and other cryptocurrencies within STEM, or via partner exchanges. 


All STEM events are subject to a minimum commission. This fee goes to the remuneration pools intended to be drawn by the most active users. 

NFT and Gamification  

STEM provides a tiered loyalty system that increases the potential income for users. When users achieve higher levels on the platform, exclusive Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) will be opened, providing access to closed events and special features, including additional earning opportunities. 


The STEM governance model is the precursor of ultimate decentralization according to the team. As a result, no one feels left behind or without a voice in the STEM ecosystem. Holding $STEMX will give users influence on the future improvements on the platform. 

STEMX Tokenomics 

STEMX is deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and other chains, including the Waves and Tron networks. 

Token Name: STEMX 

Total Supply: 100,000,000 


Investments and ICO – 55% (Public and Private Sales). 

Liquidity – 5% (Providing token Liquidity). 

Reserve – 5% (Reserve Fund). 

Team – 15% (Distribution among the team). 

Development Fund – 20% (Development fund for the entire time). 

STEMX Tokenomics 

STEM Plans For The First Half of 2022 

Below is a list of the protocol’s plans, according to its Medium blog on December 28th, 2021: 

First Quarter 

  • Redesign the entire ecosystem (new design of websites and corporate identity).
  • Development of mobile versions of all products and websites. 
  • Marketing events with leading bloggers of the crypto industry. 
  • Launch of the second stage of development of STEM, testing. 
  • Launch of a new NFT on STEM platform. 
  • Listing of the STEMX token on new exchanges. 
  • Obtaining a bookmaker’s license. 

Second Quarter 

  • Launch of the beta version of the STEM exchange with early access for testing. 
  • Issue of new service coins linked to STEMX. 
  • Launch of new directions in farming and a new reward mechanism. 
  • Preparatory stages for the launch of the STEM exchange. 
  • Marketing events for the launch of the exchange. 

Last Words 

STEM hopes to create a safe environment for sports lovers to make money on their involvement in the world of sports. The platform gives fans of various sports the license and opportunity to earn from sports events. The STEM team claims they can reduce the problems of regular sports betting platforms and change the entire betting industry. Whether this is possible remains to be seen. 

For more information about STEM, visit the following links: 

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