Squid Stake - Introducing a New APR-Boosting Concept

The intelligent approach to solving emission rate issues is a key element to the growing project.

October 31, 2021

Introducing Squid Stake

Squid Stake is an up-and-coming Decentralized Finance (DeFi)  project in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) space. It is a decentralized yield farm aimed at providing high passive income through select farms and pools via Stable Pegged APR (SPA). Through the constant buyback and burn of the native $SQUID token and incentivising models such as liquidity mining, Squid Stake is dedicated to growing the platform through a sustainable tokenomics model that is semi-deflationary in nature while ensuring high sustainable yields for stakers.

Deflationary Focused

Unlike many platforms where tokens are inflationary, their $SQUID token is semi-deflationary because of the buybacks that is native to their system. The token emissions are deflated by the buybacks & burn, reducing the overall supply of $SQUID as the ecosystem thrive and prosper. There is a fixed supply of $SQUID.

Traditionally, deflationary tokens are created by adding a tax function in their token. This means that every buy and sell or even simply sending of their tokens will subject you to taxes. However, this limits the partnerships that you can have (because some platforms like Binance will never list taxed tokens). On top of that, it will result in high gas fees when interacting with the tokens simply because of the complex nature of the smart contract when there’s tax involved.

By creating a deflationary aspect on the token via deposit fees, we enable our $SQUID tokens to be versatile yet ensuring that the platform growth will be closely tied to the price of the token.

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Successful Launch and Tokenomics

Squid Stake just launched on Autoshark a few days ago and the sale was oversubscribed and a success!
Squid Stake’s tokenomics ensure that their token price will always keep going up in tandem with their Total Value Locked (TVL)  growth. When their TVL grows, more deposit fees are used to buyback $SQUID tokens.

“Stable Pegged APR (SPA) is critical to our success of managing a sustainable Automated Market Maker (AMM). In typical yield farms, emissions rates are set at a fixed number per block,” Squid Stake founder Front Man explained. “This model, if not managed well, tends to be unsustainable, and results in over-inflation while lowering benefits for the AMM platform. Our team has pioneered a new formula for managing emissions rates which will serve as a strong support for price for the token to ensure token value is sustainably increased. At the same, this model will ensure a juicy APR for all potential yield farmers that will be joining us.”

Looking to the Future

Squid Stake has an extensive roadmap that is filled with impressive goals.

If they are able to continue achieving their roadmap milestones, the Squid Stake platform could be a major player in BSC DeFi for years to come.

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