Spots and Futures Platform, PorkSwap, Joins Binance Smart Chain

PorkSwap is the latest addition to Binance Smart Chain's growing ecosystem. The decentralized spot and futures trading platform intends to become a major player in the world of decentralised finance.

Utulu Hope
April 14, 2021
BSC News


The BSC is arguably the most adopted DeFi market at the moment. With each passing day, new projects come into the network, which is unsurprising. The network is growing rapidly due to its fast transaction times and low gas fees that give it competitive advantage. PorkSwap is the latest to join this fast-growing network. The platform has already established itself on the ETH network because of some unique incentives it offers. However, a move to the BSC network will aid in more adoption.

PorkSwap In View

PorkSwap is a decentralized spot and futures trading platform. It is a unique exchange protocol that allows its users absolute freedom to decide how they want their finances to be run. Holders of PorkSwap's native token, PSWAP, have the governance right to create polls and vote on the changes they want the platform to enact. The voting rights can be as significant as adjusting the algorithm as well as determining how revenue is generated. In effect, members of the PorkSwap community have tremendous power to make decisions that can affect the platform while also bringing better ideas.

PorkSwap aims to be the major disruptor in the DeFi space by introducing the latest financial projects to the decentralized market space. Currently, PorkSwap is focused on building its spot-trading and futures-trading offerings.

PorkSwap and the Binance Smart Chain

PorkSwap's inclusion in the BSC network makes it more advantageous than other spot swap platforms. It is faster, cheaper, and more flexible. For instance Uniswap, arguably the leader of the DeFi market in terms of spot trading, is the most widely used due to its unique design. However, the cost of swapping is very expensive because it is built on the Ethereum network.

The Binance Smart Chain is a clear improvement of the Ethereum network. The cost of transactions on the BSC network is 10 times cheaper. Therefore, PorkSwap's move to the BSC is very reasonable.


Having joined the BSC network, PorkSwap will be cheaper and faster, creating a seamless trading experience for users.The PorkSwap community is excited, as this is a considerable achievement to their already growing spots and futures trading platform.



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