Socios Partners with Italy's Serie A

The growth of Socios in 2021 was incredible and the Serie A move shows the echelon the company is now in.

Kyle Heise
January 14, 2022
Blockchain News

Socios Plays With the Best has become an official partner of Lega Serie A and the main sponsor of the Supercoppa Frecciarossa and Coppa Italia Frecciarossa Finals competitions. The partnership puts Socios’ name at the top of Italy’s most famous football league as well as the world.

The partnership became official on January 12 after Socios CEO Alexandre Dreyfus presented the MVP award to Alexis Sanchez after Sanchez’s last gasp extra-time goal nabbed a late winner for Inter Milan against Juventus in the 2022 Supercoppa Final. The hotly contested cup final saw the Socios name plastered again across the landscape with the brand name appearing behind Sanchez as he accepted the trophy from Dreyfus.

“In 2021 we grew our network by over 500% and welcomed over a million new users to our platform,” said Dreyfus in a press release from January 11. “We’ve got bigger aims for the next 12 months, so we’re delighted to begin 2022 with this major announcement that further solidifies our commitment to the Italian sports industry. We look forward to working closely with Serie A, spreading the message about and building up our community of superfans both in Italy and across the world.”
Source: Dreyfus with Alexis Sanchez at the MVP Trophy presentation. 

The growth of has been wild as the company has entered into agreements with over 100 of the worlds most popular sports teams and leagues. The new partnership will only increase the already significant presence of the Socios brand in Italian sports. Previously sponsored the Argentine Primera Division for the 2021 season, but the deal with Serie A shows how quickly the Socios brand has risen in the ranks. 

What is Socios? is the official crypto wallet and trading platform for some of the biggest sports teams in the world. The site is an innovative fan engagement platform that was created for the Chiliz blockchain. The Socios platform provides the owners of the fan tokens with access to voting rights in polls, VIP rewards, exclusive club, and sponsor promotions, AR-enabled features, chat forums, games, and competitions. aims to introduce millions of new fans from around the world to the benefits of Fan Tokens in 2022 with new innovations, features, and rewards to be added throughout the year.

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