Sky Mavis Launch Mobile Ronin Wallet

Sky Mavis, creators of Axie Infinity, launched a mobile version of their Ronin wallet, this will give economic access to a big part of their userbase that don't have a personal computer.

Enzo Martin
November 10, 2021
Blockchain News

Bringing Economic Access

Sky Mavis launched a mobile version of their sidechain wallet, Ronin, built on the ethereum network.

Jeffrey Zirlin, popularly known in the Axie community as Jihoz, took to Twitter and Discord to break the news on November 9, 2021 at around 7am UTC. Sky Mavis knows that a big part of their player base play Axie Infinity through their mobile phones and have no access to a personal computer. The Ronin mobile wallet gives economic access to these users to better manage their hard earned tokens, especially since AXS staking and Katana, the Ronin Decentralized Exchange, will soon be available on their mobile platform.

“We've heard of many merchants accepting AXS, SLP as payment for goods. The Ronin Mobile wallet will ignite this trend further,” Axie Infinity’s Co-Founder, Jeff Zirlin, tweeted on November 9th. 

Merchants in the Philippines have started accepting SLP as a mode of payment since July of this year, with more and more businesses opening up to the idea. Adding a mobile Ronin wallet gives players the luxury of bringing their SLP wherever they go, and use the token to pay at select establishments. 


Axie on the Go

The Axie infinity marketplace now supports logging in with the use of the mobile ronin wallets from their phones. This allows users to engage in transactions and approve the contracts from their mobile phones. There is also a feature that allows you to sync the mobile Ronin wallet with that of the browser extensions on Firefox or Google Chrome. 

The mobile version of the ronin wallet can be accessed here or downloaded via the Google Play Store for android and the App store for iOS. 

Enzo Martin

Enzo is a proud Filipino with a master's degree in Economics from the International University of Japan. He is heavily invested in researching economic principles that govern the crypto and P2E space. Outside the blockchain network, Enzo plays various sports, loves to travel and takes a lot of photos. His heaviest bags are in Ethereum, NFTs, and multichain Play-to-Earn projects.

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