Sky Mavis Gives More Details For Ban Wave on Axie Infinity

A total of 18,505 Axies were slapped with lengthy bans for multi-accounting.

Enzo Martin
November 23, 2021
Blockchain News

Axie Ban Wave Explained

Sky Mavis, creators of the popular NFT Play to Earn game Axie Infinity, gave more information on their recent ban wave.

Multi-accounting was highlighted in Axie’s Discord announcement last November 22 as a key issue to uproot. Multi accounting is when a trainer plays more than one account within a twenty-four-hour period.  A total of 18,505 Axies were ultimately banned because of this violation. 

“Over the weekend, we banned 18,505 Axies that were involved in systematic abuse of the multiple accounts rule. This involved situations where one human was playing and earning in-game resources on multiple Axie game accounts over a 24 hour period. This type of abuse is harmful to the economy and community-- we collectively must work to hold each other accountable to our rules,” Jihoz, Axie Infinity Co-founder, announced through Discord.
Source: Axie Discord

According to the terms of service, players can only use one account and cannot manipulate the energy system in any way. This can be in the form of having a bot play multiple Axie Infinity accounts, a scholar having multiple scholarships across different managers, or gifting Axies to new accounts for a fresh set of energy. These instances violate the agreement between the player and Sky Mavis, which all trainers enter upon once playing the game. 

Listening to the Community

The penalization of trainers who go against the terms of service helps boost the community spirit within Axie Infinity. However, some trainers voiced that the ban was too long considering that scholars, players using Axies rented to them by managers, were the ones guilty of multi-accounting. Others claimed that their Axies were wrongfully banned in the process. Considering this, the team reduced the ban length of certain Axies to 90 days and unbanned innocent Axies affected because of an error in their algorithm.

“Upon re-examination of the data this weekend, we discovered a [sic] error in our detection algorithms causing some innocent Axies to get banned. These Axies, alongside other Axies that were sold on the marketplace before this detection wave, have all been unbanned. We also recognize that some of the banned Axies belong to well-meaning managers who are still learning how to best screen scholars. The bans in this wave have been reduced to 90 days which we believe gives managers a strong incentive to ensure that scholars are only playing on one in-game account.” Jihoz later added.

Axie Infinity’s ‘Terms of Service’ was also updated to give trainers a clearer image of what not to do and the manager's responsibilities.

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Enzo Martin

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