ShopCek Initiates E-Commerce Service with Cryptocurrencies

The service seeks to improve online shopping experiences for users through a seamless, commission-free platform.

Introducing ShopCek

Online shopping has become one of the most basic functions of today's world, but many people dream of a more seamless experience. The ShopCek platform, which will be open for use with SHPC Token in the near future, claims to offer a seamless shopping experience.

Many issues, especially the problems of communication in shopping platforms, of buyer/seller commission rates and in return processes can cause inconvenience for users. Claiming to eliminate all these issues, ShopCek is entering the market with the slogan "Commission-Free E-Commerce".

The Era of Commission-Free E-Commerce with Crypto

ShopCek will step in as a new e-commerce system allowing both buyers and sellers to trade without commission. In this new system, you will be able to finalize your shopping with your SHPC tokens. Up-to-date and detailed information is available through the project's website.

In providing a commission-free e-commerce opportunity, ShopCek utilizes cryptocurrencies, the future of payment and economy. With the utilization of blockchain technology in e-commerce, shopping will be available on the web page via SHPC token. ShopCek will offer a huge, independent shopping platform for sellers to list an unlimited number of products and sell them without commission.

ShopCek Brings Shopping Alternatives

On the ShopCek platform, the buyers will have the opportunity to shop by evaluating many different alternatives. The first alternative is sales at a fixed price. The seller will be able to list an unlimited number of products with fixed prices.

Another method offered by ShopCek platform is auctions. Sellers will be able to sell any product via auction method. By participating in these auctions with their SHPC tokens, buyers will be able to compete and shop with a bigger opportunity.

One of the most important benefits offered by the platform is the raffles, in which users can participate by spending just a few tokens. These raffles grant opportunities for big rewards for just a few tokens - a worthwhile tradeoff!

The Countdown for ShopCek Started

With its crypto-asset connection, ShopCek platform aims to create a more practical, cost-free and fast e-trading environment for all users; without any communication problems, with zero commission, and with the opportunity to get involved in e-commerce from any place at any time, the ShopCek platform will start its operations very soon. The platform aims to bring a system that is updated with a structure that comprehends the importance of crypto-assets in e-commerce. Despite the hard work done by the ShopCek team, they believe there is still more work to do.

In this e-commerce marketplace with a system that is cleared of static and disturbing features, while accommodating all the desired features, and even more; more steps are being taken, targeting the future's economic system.

ShopCek Airdrop

Airdrop is enabled by the platform users following and sharing the project on social media. By completing these minor promotion activities, users can claim SHPC token earnings for free. After the project is declared, with a one-time Airdrop event, 2,500,000 SHPC tokens will be given to the users who discovered the platform early through their social media accounts.

Where to find ShopCek:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

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