Shambala: The Next Mainstream GameFi Project?

Shambala is a game with interesting and engrossing background stories and multiple models that will launch on Binance Smart Chain soon.

November 14, 2021

Game Model - Land

In Shambala, players must purchase land before they participate in the game. According to the roadmap, the land has different usages in different stages of the game, such as mining ore, farming, and building houses.

Ore (ORE)

Ores are divided into different grades that serve different purposes. Ore can renew the land or empower tools; it can also be sold to other users.

The land players initially acquired comes with basic versions of mining tools. The players can spend a certain amount of platform coins and chips to upgrade tools or obtain more efficient tools.



Each AVATAR Non-Fungible Token (NFT) consists of 5 standardized components: face, hat or hairstyle, accessories, clothes, and background. The system automatically assembles various components to generate specific avatar styles. The scarcity of the avatars they generate varies.

NFTs will be circulated in the Shambala ecosystem through sales, auctions, and welfare distribution, and can also be traded on allied market platforms.


Balaswap is a decentralized trading platform built into the Shambala game, which can be used to sell chips and ores; adding liquidity can earn the game's native token BALA Token; at the same time, it can also be used for NFT And land transactions.


Pay to Earn & Play to Earn (P2E)

The two elements of DeFi and NFT have been combined. At the first stage of the Shambala game, players purchase lands for mining and harvest ores. It takes averagely 20 days to recoup investment, but the shortest time can be one day.


Economic Model

Bala Token -  Shambala's native token, applicable to the entire ecosystem.

CHIP (chip) - It is an important pass of GameFi, used for in-game transactions, tool purchases and labor income. No pre-excavation. Can be obtained during mining.


What is the Potential?

In general, Shambala currently has the DeFi elements required by the GameFi economy: a complete incentive system, land mining, liquidity mining etc. It provides players with plenty of opportunities to make money during the game. All economic assets can be traded on Balaswap and PancakeSwap.

The NFT elements are also in place, allowing players to truly own the game assets, including virtual land, virtual characters, and ores with different grades. These assets can be traded with other users or even leased to other users.

The potential of GameFi is yet to be discovered. According to the Shambala project, the "mining" game is just the beginning. The next one will be more interesting, fun, challenging and rewarding.


Final Thoughts

Shambala has been keeping up with the trend of the industry and is actively exploring more gameplay with NFT infrastructure, such as virtual real estate and virtual concerts etc. to build a NFT meta-universe.  Game players can fill their roles in the Shambala world and manage their businesses to maximize returns.

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