ShadowSwap DEX Introduces Community Wallet for Infrastructure Development and More

by BSC News

February 28, 2023


Community Wallet will incentivize the community, develop infrastructure and provide liquidity on DEXes.

Incentivizing The Core Community 

ShadowSwap has integrated the Community Wallet into its decentralized ecosystem built on the Core mainnet. The Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platform will utilize the wallet to develop its infrastructure and incentivize the community. 

According to the protocol’s Discord “Shadow Education” page, the Community Wallet will fund community projects, reward community members, and provide liquidity on DEXes and other platforms. The DEX also disclosed via Twitter that 100K Shadow tokens ($SHDW) are available in the wallet and would be managed through governance voting. 

The ShadowSwap team shared more details about the wallet’s management with BSC News. The team stated that shortly, the community would have full control over the wallet through a Multi-Sig service, allowing many users to sign and confirm transactions. 

"The management of the Community Wallet will be transitioned over to the community as it becomes more mature. The wallet will be managed through governance voting and a multi-sig wallet, where the community holds the signing power," ShadowSwap disclosed. 

Community Wallet is an exciting development by the Core-based DEX, tailored to incentivize its community and accelerate its development in the blockchain space. The ShadowSwap Education channel on the protocol’s Discord server has more information about the innovative feature. 

What is ShadowSwap: 

ShadowSwap is a DEX built on the Core chain, offering decentralized trading, including an NFT AMM marketplace, plus a lending feature in the works. 

The protocol utilizes Core’s blockchain capabilities to create an open and safe marketplace for traders, liquidity providers, and developers.

Where to find ShadowSwap: 

Website | Twitter | Discord 

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