Seedify’s Highest APY Pool Closing to Ensure Sustainability

While the pool is closing, Seedify plans to continue offering sustainable rewards to users.

Introducing Seedify

Seedify is a blockchain gaming and NFT-focused incubator and launchpad ecosystem, empowering innovators and project developers through access to funding, community, and partnership building, and a full support system to help bring premier blockchain games, NFTs, and metaverses to its community. 

In less than a year, Seedify has grown to one of the industry’s largest launchpads, hosting over 50 successful token offerings (IGOs), with over 4500 participants in its latest IGO (Initial Game Offering) which sold out in Phase 2 in under 60 seconds.

Seedify has recently expanded into the NFT space with the launch of its NFT Launchpad. This is an additional value add and revenue generator for their community and will no doubt attract new members who are wanting to take advantage of the many opportunities associated with owning and minting NFTs on Seedify’s platform.

Through the Seedify NFT Launchpad, $SFUND token holders who stake/farm their $SFUND tokens on the Seedify staking website will be able to qualify to participate in Initial NFT Offerings (INOs).

What is $SNFT

$SNFT is Seedify’s NFT token, giving  token holders access to a wide range of utilities including:

  • Whitelist allocations on NFT launches through Seedify’s NFT Launchpad.
  • Fee discounts when $SNFTs are used (1% instead of 2%).
  • Better RNG rates for the random NFT drop chances when buying or selling.
  • Funding the treasury for collaborations, marketing, NFT drops, and expansions.
  • The burning mechanism for $SNFTs, and the buyback mechanism for $SFUND.

Safeguarding Against Inflation

Like most companies in the crypto industry Seedify has not been immune to the recent bear market that started earlier this year. This coupled with global inflation, economic uncertainty and a change in macroeconomics caused Seedify to relook at how they “balance the scales” by choosing to promptly diminish the inflationary nature of $SFUND instead of waiting another year to make any adjustments.

The first step Seedify will take will be to close the deposits for the 180-day pool on 4th August 2022. On 30 October 2022, Seedify will then close the deposits for the 90-day pool followed by other short-term pools. By 01 February 2023, $SFUND staking rewards will no longer be available.

Although the deposits will be closed, $SFUND holders will still be able to earn $SFUND rewards until the maturity date as changes will only affect depositing transactions. 

The process of starting from hyperinflation and turning it into lower inflation and eventually non-inflation values is not very new to the crypto industry.

Since there are gradual decreases between the pool APYs,  Seedify will cautiously be able to eradicate all high APYs, therefore, eliminating inflation and sell pressure that comes from staking $SFUND rewards.

Essentially, Seedify will limit the quantity, while continuing to increase the demand for $SFUND, ensuring that the token can continue to grow in value. 

Seedify Staking Pool Advantages:

It's important to note that while staking for such a high APY, you will also be accumulating Seed Staking Points, which will allow you to receive free incubation tokens. 

This will also be the last chance $SFUND holders can upgrade their tier with staking rewards, a higher tier means higher allocations.

These are the final staking pools that will receive $SFUND as a reward. When they are over, the main inflationary mechanism of $SFUND will come to an end and the future Staking System will look different.

The next staking system will work based on a Longevity Multiplier. This means that the longer that holders stake, the more Seed Staking multiplier they will get. The shortest duration (7 days) will start from a 0.5x seed staking point multiplier and will be as much as a 3x multiplier if holders lock for a year (which is the maximum duration).

Those who choose to stake short term will receive penalties and those who stake long term will obtain benefits. These free incubation tokens will automatically be calculated in each vesting, producing free claimable tokens from every project and will be visible on the holder's dashboard.

Last Chance to Join 180-Day Staking Pool

The 180-day pool will be closing on the 4th of August and this will be the last chance for all holders to enjoy the benefits of a 90% APY. This is the highest APY available on the platform.

To join the staking pool, holders need to follow these simple steps:

#1: Go to Seedify’s website, click on “Staking/Farming” then “Stake”

#2: Choose “180 days”

#3: Click “Approve”

Where to find Seedify:

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