SecondLive DeFi Harvest Festival on Binance Smart Chain Offers $120,000+ in Rewards

A metaverse event celebrating the 1st anniversary of Binance Smart Chain will offer token and NFT rewards from OpenOcean, DEGO, BSC Station, and Kingdom Game.

August 26, 2021
BSC News

DeFi Harvest Festival

A virtual ‘metaverse’ event to celebrate the first anniversary of Binance Smart Chain will offer more than $120,000 worth of rewards. The event will be hosted in an internet space by SecondLive, creators of online convention spaces, meeting places, and virtual worlds.

Over 6 individual companies have been announced participate, each offering up prices in the form of native tokens. Open Ocean, Kingdom Game, BSC Station, HotCross, BurgerSwap and BabySwap will offer $10,000 in prizes each, while DEGO is offering $12,000. Each project will contribute non-fungible token (NFT) treasure boxes which will be distributed around the convention hall. The total amount of prizes is set to be over $120,000 according to the BabySwap announcement via Medium.

“During the BSC the first-anniversary event, DEGO will distribute treasure boxes worth $2000 all around the BSC exhibition Space. Users can open the treasure boxes to claim a certain amount of $DEGO 10 times at most,” said DEGO in a blog post on August 25th.

There will also be mystery boxes containing NFTs. Users who lay their hands on one of the covet NFT boxes can leverage that ownership in mining events. As Kingdom Game explains, users who claim NFTs from blind boxes can join in mining events where they can stake NFTs to earn tokens.

Binance Smart Chain 1st Anniversary celebration | Source

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