Second AMAChella Highlights Growth of NFTs on Binance Smart Chain

NFTs on Binance Smart Chain are a force to be reckoned with. The AMAChella gives insight into how BSC can grow even more.

Kyle Heise
October 29, 2021
BSC News

Featured NFT Event

Another successful AMAChella is in the books. Behind five top projects leading the way, BSC News founder and DeFi Direct personality Greg, aka GoonTrades, led a seamless event from start to finish on October 27th.

With an event celebrating the growth and role of NFTs on Binance Smart Chain, BSC News has done well to show that not all the NFT action is happening just on Solana and Ethereum. 

Key topics included the growing utility and interoperability of NFTs––a topic with an apparently endless list of talking points––plus questions geared to user experience and projects themselves. 


There was solid analysis all-around from a group of guests who were noticeably excited to participate in the event. Each was able to provide insight into their respective projects.


Binance Smart Chain Stands Out

NFTs on Binance Smart Chain have notably lagged behind other chains, but a main theme of the event was the many features unique to Binance Smart Chain that can position the chain for future success.

“Because of the gas fees [on Ethereum], I think BSC has a good chance to take the spotlight [away from Ethereum and Solana], just because for a lot of the NFT gaming projects transaction costs is a huge concern,” Nick Chan, Co-Founder of Refinable.

Each project present at the event has a slew of upcoming releases and updates on the way. The future certainly looks bright with the talent and minds behind these projects. It’s a shame to see Crypto Twitter largely unaware of the creativity emerging on Binance Smart Chain.

These projects all seem to be in good hands and driven by loyalty to their communities and users.  There are many reasons to feel bullish about NFTs on Binance Smart Chain and just as many reasons to feel like the fun has only just begun.

Kyle Heise

Born and raised in the East Bay of California. He has studied and worked on three continents and lived in eight countries. Kyle resides in San Francisco. He holds bags mostly in Ethererum, Cake, and BSC GameFi projects.

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