Scary Games - a Complete Play-to-Earn GameFi Ecosystem

The platform has several collaborations that help maximize their value to players, all while maintaining a very low cost of entry.

October 24, 2021

What is Scary Games?

Do you think play-to-earn games on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) should be easy to play and guarantee rewards for their players every day? With a proposal of zero fees and taxes during gameplay, Scary Games invites both newbies and expert players to another level through their innovative rewards system.

Scary Games has developed an exclusive system partnered with Autoshark Finance integrating their smart contract; as one address is given rewards, another address adjustment makes a true buyback, according to the rewards that have been paid. This increases rewards for players and the token value for investors.

The company is always developing new free-to-play and play-to-earn games with differing concepts, all connected to the crypto world somehow. As we see many games being released to initial fanfare but having a huge user and price dump after some point, we can see a clear way for growth with a sustainable road map for the ecosystem.

The Scary Token, $SCY

By playing their free-to-play game, the users of the Scary Games platform can get whitelisted for the token IDO, have a daily chance to win 10$ in JAWS, tokens from Autoshark, or 10$ in CAKE from PancakeSwap - and also receive the $SCY Scary Token Airdrop.

The company's goal is to reach players all over the world, with a simple philosophy of easy gameplay and free-to-play games. The reward system has an official partnership with AutoShark Finance that provides liquidity for the games without devaluing the Scary Token.

The token is deployed on BSC with very low gas fees involved in the process. There is also Chainlink Verified Random Function (VRF) integration so users will have a fair game ecosystem. Integration by proof of ownership with unique and exclusive NFTs, avoiding malicious users.


Total Supply: 100.000.000 Scary Tokens (SCY).

Scary Doors INO

An official partnership for the Initial NFT Offer involves BabylonsNFT, one of the biggest gaming platforms on BSC. The release date is October 27, with a huge discount for the first NFTs - save the date!

Only 1,000 Genesis Monsters will ever be minted, and 300 Doors will be released, with 150 rewarding CAKE and SCY tokens and another 150 rewarding JAWS and SCY tokens!

Game Mechanics

The first NFT game from Scary Games consists of a basic system, created to reward holders and players. Anyone can join the game by:

  • Owning one of the 1,000 Genesis Monsters NFT Cards and being an active player in the Scary Doors game. The player visits as many doors as they want, receiving rewards each visit.
  • Simply staking Doors from the game, which will generate passive income and rewards through visits from other players.

The initial BabylonsNFT/Scary Doors offer will release 300 exclusive Genesis Monsters and 100 unique Doors. This unique NFT contract gives the holder the key to interact with our token smart contract by staking, playing or lending.

All the monsters are a unique digital NFT, and they begin at the same level. The monster levels up visiting the Doors during the game. Each 100 Doors visited grants 1 level up through level 500.

Every monster has enough energy to enter at 5 doors per day and acquire SCY. If the player wants to visit more doors, their monster can buy a magic potion that allows him to enter 5 more doors and get more tokens, which costs 2.5 SCY. Each level allows more rewards for the players, as their Scary Level goes up as well.


About the Developers

Scary Games Ltd. was born out of the passion for gaming that came early in the life of Leonardo Lattari, 37, an economist. He followed several lines together with Juliana Barcellos, 42, the personal relations department, and Bernard Costa, 38, the project editor.

The game developer, Carlos Alberto Alvarez, 36, is the one responsible for our Free-to-Play, NFT, and Farm Games. He leads an amazing team of 14 programmers and designers. The team has already developed Satoshi Monsters, with the next game Scary Doors soon to be launched.

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