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Safemoon Mastercard Confirmed In the Works

The new card system is another indication of how broad thinking the SafeMoon team is looking.

SafeMoon Mastercard Incoming

The Safemoon CEO, John Karony, confirmed that its payment card in development is with Mastercard.

The latest development about the payment card and point of sales (POS) systems came through commentary on February 6 in the coin’s Discord channel. The SafeMoon Army became quite bullish of the potential perks from a Mastercard deal as a utility from the protocol continues to mount.


The SafeMoon Coin payment card is still in the works and has not been confirmed to be released. Mastercard is certainly a solid partner to build out a payment system from. The team even made sure that their smart contract is capable of POS executions from that start, a major point of integration that will help credit integration. 

Another big rumor building is that a multi-chain token bridge could be in the works. Currently, the Safemoon Swap allows users to paste addresses in and swap any token within the same chain on eithe BSC or ETH. Some within the SafeMoon Army are hoping that can taken a step further and built into multi-chain token bridge.

The ease of such a multi-chain bridge may seem easy on the surface-- it is just the implementation of a few buttons on the front end but requires a whole revamp on the backend. The recent Wormhole exploit is a reminder of how vulnerable cross-chain connections can be at this time. Either way, the SafeMoon Army seems always to be thinking big. 

What is SafeMoon?

SafeMoon is a new altcoin launched in March 2021. It runs on the Binance Smart Chain and is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) community-driven protocol. This protocol slightly differs from other protocols when a transaction takes place. Three functions will occur, reflection, liquidity pool (LP) acquisition, and burn. It also charges 10% fees to anyone that sells their tokens, and other owners get 5% of the fees. This is SafeMoon’s method of encouraging holders to hodl and disincentivizing sellers from selling.   

To find out more about SafeMoon, the following links are available : 

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