SafeMoon Holders Await SafeMoonWallet Launch Despite Lagging Token Price

The application’s release has recorded massive interest from the public despite the poor state of $SAFEMOON.

Utulu Hope
August 23, 2021
BSC News

Massive Interest In SafeMoonWallet Launch 

SafeMoon is already a household name amongst Binance Smart Chain enthusiasts. Since its inception, the project has achieved a lot of things in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. The latest is the imminent launch of the SafeMoonWallet.

The protocol’s incoming innovation has seen a lot of hype despite the bearish state of its native SAFEMOON token. Even as $SAFEMOON isn’t showing any bullish sign, holders have shown a massive interest in the launch of the SafeMoonWallet. The auto-generating liquidity protocol excited its forthcoming creation in a Tweet on August 23rd

“GET READY #SAFEMOONWALLET #SWAP,” tweeted SafeMoon, alongside an image displaying the massive amount of Tweets that have the SafeMoonWallet hashtag on Twitter. 

Despite the current state of $SAFEMOON’s price, holders are anticipating SafeMoonWallet’s launch. The token has been on a bearish run since its All-Time High (ATH) in May. Fast track to the time of this writing, $SAFEMOON is on an 80.7% decrease from its May 11th ATH, trading at $0.00000207. However, it is up by 8.8% in the last 24 hours, according to Coingecko data.

BSC.News reported the release of the application’s  Beta release on August 11th. The launch is around the corner as the mainnet wallet will be made available on August 28th. 

What is SafeMoon? 

The SafeMoon protocol is community-driven with a fairly launched DeFi token. Three functions occur during each trade: Reflection, Liquidity Pool (LP) acquisition, and Burn. 

SafeMoon is an altcoin: A blockchain-based digital currency. It launched in March 2021 and racked up over 2 million holders, including 1 million Twitter followers.

The protocol has a unique feature: It charges a 10% fee to anyone who sells their tokens. SafeMoon owners get 5% of the fees, ensuring that holders of SAFEMOON are rewarded, and selling is disincentivized. 

Catch SafeMoon at these links:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | GitHub |

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