SafeMoon Continues to Take Traditional Finance by Storm, Landing in Times Square

SafeMoon has landed in Times Square following a community fundraising and marketing initiative. The advert claims SafeMoon is ‘the world’s fastest growing cryptocurrency.’

Robert D. Knight
May 12, 2021
Blockchain News

Moon Over Times Square

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) token SafeMoon has appeared on an animated billboard in Times Square, following a community initiative to raise funds for advertising space in New York City. The SafeMoon team congratulated the entire community with a message of thanks from the official SafeMoon Twitter account:

Growing Fast

The advert announced SafeMoon as the world’s fastest growing cryptocurrency, although how SafeMoon have measured and compared growth metrics is not entirely clear. There is little argument that SafeMoon is one of the most popular emergent coins of the current crypto bullrun, now boasting an impressive 600K followers on its Twitter account, and 144K community members on Telegram. While SafeMoon may be one of the newer kids on the block(chain), these are by no means rookie numbers.

SafeMoon is enjoying numbers that even Mark Hanna could be proud of

SafeMoon and Beyond

The success of SafeMoon’s Times Square mission has yet to be measured, but the SafeMoon team have done everything they can to drive the success of their efforts. One aspect of the advert which many commentators have overlooked or missed is the QR code - which directs people to the SafeMoon website if scanned on a smartphone. 

SafeMoon’s New York Times advert is running on the following dates:

Monday, May 10th from 7am-9am, and then from 11am-3pm; Tuesday May 11th from 7am-9am, and then from 11am-3pm. While these opportunities to see the advert in person are passed, there is still one more chance. The final run for SafeMoon’s ad will come on Saturday, May 15th, running from 8pm-11pm.

In total the SafeMoon community raised $16,000 for the New York billboard campaign, which cost the team only little more than $8,000. The remaining funds will be put into a PR campaign for the company, which will mainly focus on press releases in the coming months.

Concluding Thoughts

The SafeMoon project looks to be in safe hands, as the community-driven DeFi token goes from strength to strength. The young cryptocurrency is currently sitting at $0.00000958 - an all time high for the coin. Interested investors should keep their eyes peeled on the future of this coin, as it stands in a very exciting place of growth in the cryptosphere - but whether that will be the long-term future of the coin remains to be seen.

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Robert D. Knight

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