SafeLaunch Launches SFEX Yield Farming Boasting Ridiculous 1,000,000% Yields

The launch seeks to increase users' yield while also providing a solid use-case with the launch of its native yield farming platform.

Utulu Hope
July 23, 2021
BSC News

SafeStake: SafeLaunch Launches SFEX Yield Farming 

The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol SafeLaunch, has launched their SFEX yield farms on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). SafeStake is the yield farming portal on the protocol and currently has two farms available (SFEX and SFEX-BNB LP). 

The protocol announced that SFEX yield farming would begin on July 23rd at 10:00 AM UTC.


SafeLaunch Partners with TEN To Integrate TENFI Pools 

SafeLaunch will also add TENFI pools to its farming options on SafeStake. This comes after the protocol announced its partnership with the BSC-based yield optimization platform on Twitter. Token Enrichment Network (TEN) is a yield aggregator and optimizer that simplifies staking and yield farming with its variety of liquid BSC Liquidity Pools (LP) available. 

Users will have the option to stake TENFI on SafeStake and get access to SafeAlloc offerings. Although the date for TENFI pool integration has not been announced, users can now farm yields available on SFEX single stake and SFEX-BNB LP. 


Why Stake SFEX?

Staking on any of the farms available brings a strong use case for holders. Whenever users stake or hold SFEX or SFEX-BNB LP, they gain access to private, and seed round fundraising deals offered in SafeAlloc. 

SafeAlloc is the venture capital arm of the protocol that allows SFEX token holders to invest in the private and seed round of early-stage crypto projects. Therefore, the more users stake or hold SFEX or SFEX-BNB LP, the more allocation they get in private and seed round deals.

The farming will create an avenue for more fundraising support through these private and seed rounds for early-stage crypto project development. 

While the yields are incredibly enticing they come with high risk. SafeLaunch is a newly launched project with an extremely small market cap. Newly launched micro-cap DeFi tokens have inherently high volatility so proceed with caution!

How to Get Started

In order to start farming on SafeLaunch, users need to visit the protocol’s website, navigate to “SafeStake,” and select one of the yield farming options available. 


What is SafeLaunch? 

SafeLaunch is an innovative protocol in the BSC ecosystem that combines a cross-chain Venture Capital (VC) community and a BSC project incubator. The protocol gives promising upcoming projects the spotlight, investment, and support needed to promote their development in the DeFi space.

SafeLaunch combines a launchpad, liquidity mining platform, project incubator, world-class advisory team, and newly added yield farm. In addition to the support given to new projects, SafeLaunch also protects investors who participate in private and seed rounds. 

Disclaimer: Members of BSCNews hold $SFEX and have a vested interest in SafeLaunch.

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