SafeLaunch Announces Privi NFT Market $PIX IDO and Looks to Re-Adjust Allocation Tiers

Privi’s $PIX IDO is set to go live on SafeLaunch’s intuitive launchpad after a successful launch of TRAX.

Utulu Hope
August 20, 2021
BSC News

Introducing the Privi $PIX IDO 

SafeLaunch has announced its latest Initial DEX Offering (IDO) with Privi protocol’s Pix ($PIX). In addition, the protocol will lower base allocation to allow more users to participate in the event. 

The Binance Smart Chain-based launchpad published the IDO details via Twitter on 19th August. The $PIX token will go on sale, on SafeLaunch’s launchpad, on August 26th at 1 PM UTC. 

“Privi $PIX IDO Announcement! Attention Launchers, we’re delighted to announce the next IDO on our platform @priviprotocol! ($PIX),” Tweeted SafeLaunch, announcing the latest IDO with Privi PIX. 

Privi Pix is the latest decentralized web and mobile Non-fungible Token (NFT) application in the Privi ecosystem. The Privi $PIX IDO is the second IDO by the protocol on SafeLaunch after the previous successful IDO — Privi Trax, as reported by BSCNews on 9th August. 

The previous IDO, Privi Trax ($TRAX), sold out in under 10 seconds, according to Privi’s Medium post on August 13th. TRAX also went up by 10x its initial IDO price but corrected later on. As of this writing, the token is still up by 3X its IDO price on SafeLaunch — 0.035. 


SafeLaunch to Adjust Allocation Process

Holding/staking SFEX or SFEX-BNB LP token gives users access to private and seed round funding deals offered in SafeAlloc. SafeAlloc is the venture capital arm of SafeLaunch. SFEX token holders leverage the SafeAlloc platform to invest in private and seed rounds of early-stage crypto projects. 

The amount of SFEX or SFEX-BNB LP that a user holds or stakes determines their private and seed round deals allocation. In essence, the more SFEX/SFEX-BNB LP users hold, the bigger their allocation size. There are several allocation tiers on SafeAlloc, each having an allocation multiplier. 

In a bid to provide fair access of SafeAlloc to SFEX holders, SafeLaunch will lower the base allocation and top-tier multipliers. The new base allocation will be announced on 25th August according to Imran, SafeLaunch CEO, via the official Discord

The IDO will be held on SafeLaunch’s SafePad. After Privi Trax’s successful IDO, which saw 40000 BUSD raised, Privi is looking to record another significant success with its latest creation on the DeFi market. In this light, SafeLaunch has invited users to come and benefit from another IDO deal with Privi once again. 

About SafeLaunch 

SafeLaunch is a project incubator on Binance Smart Chain. It wants to make a difference in the decentralized launchpad sector. The platform, through SafePad, has implemented strategies to help projects succeed pre-IDO and post-IDO. 

With this, SafeLaunch ensures that every party — projects, and investors, benefit from its IDO innovation. 

Disclaimer: Members of BSCNews hold $SFEX and have a vested interest in SafeLaunch.

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