SafeHaven - A Community-Driven Platform

Launching soon on Unicrypt, the platform will bring marketing strategies and communication campaigns that are new integrations to the blockchain industry.

June 20, 2021

What is SafeHaven?

SafeHaven is a community-driven DeFi protocol built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with reflectionary and deflationary properties. The platform was created to incentivize holders and increase token scarcity and value.


Unlike other protocols where frictionless rewards are paid in projects, SafeHaven rewards will be delivered in the Binance coin BNB every 72 hours. The team plans to improve on the marketing strategies and communication campaigns of other projects, which limit their adverts to the community already aware of cryptocurrencies. Instead, SafeHaven will take advantage of traditional platforms for advertising purposes.

Key Features

  • Rewards in BNB
  • Cutting Edge Advertising and Communication Strategy
  • Non-Fungible Token (NFT)
  • Anti-Whale/Anti-Bot Mechanism
  • Staking and Yield Farming

BNB Rewards

All $HAVEN holders are entitled to receive BNB rewards proportional to the number of their holdings. This will become live on the Decentralized Application (dApp) after the sales on Unicrypt and the launch on PancakeSwap. For the first week, there will be no BNB reward claims to allow the pool to grow.

Binance Coin BNB | Source

After that time period, holders can claim their BNB reward every three days. The BNB Reward pool is funded by the 16% transaction tax on all buys/sells & transfers, a massive 9% of which goes to the BNB reward pool, claimable by holders every 72 hours based on their proportion of holdings. 

50% of the BNB pool will be unclaimable from day 1. This will keep the pool sustainable and ensure it can never be drained by more than 50%. 

Cutting Edge Advertising and Marketing Campaign 

The team is ready to deploy traditional advertising means, which have been lacking in most projects on blockchains today. The project plans to launch its marketing on social platforms to increase exposure.

SafeHaven: Simple Advertising

The platform team has observed a noticeable lack of traditional advertising, and often, most projects target communities already aware of cryptocurrencies. Their advertising is focused on bringing new users into the crypto space, rather than trying to round up existing community members.  The project is tailored for new users to have a simple transition into the protocol.

SafeHaven will take away the complexities characterized by other blockchain protocols encountered when buying tokens, expanding on the benefits of investing in cryptocurrencies over traditional investments.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Gaming

SafeHaven will employ multiple products for its NFT services, including NFT minting and a marketplace.

Non-Fungible Token | Source

Although gaming isn’t a core of the platform, the team will incorporate this into SafeHaven at the later stage of the protocol development. The team hasn’t released a full slate of details, but users can expect the NFTs to have unique qualities when placed into the gamified platform.

Anti-Whale and Anti-Bot Mechanism

Along with the auto-generating liquidity feature, incorporated in the token structure are anti-whale and anti-bot features. Transactions (sell/buy or wallet transfer) that send more than 0.5% of the total supply will be rejected. This will help to protect price movement as well. The transaction can still be carried out using the disruptive transfers feature in the DAPP. 

Since any transfers of more than 0.5% will be rejected, a disruptive transfer feature will be allowed for whale transfers. Whales who make a transfer (between 2 wallets) larger than 1% of the total supply will be charged 2 BNB. 100% goes straight into the BNB reward pool for holders. Learn more by reading the SafeHaven official docs.

Stake and Yield Farming 

Staking and yield farming of the native token and other platform tokens will be made available in the future. These are key functions in decentralized finance and SafeHaven plans to ensure their availability for users.

Project Updates

RD Labs Audit 

The platform code is currently undergoing an audit by RD Labs Auditors, formerly RugDetectives, on Twitter.

RD Labs | Source

Three co-founders of the protocol have done Know Your Customer (KYC) with Unicrypt - the platform upon which the token sale is being scheduled. A KYC verifies the legitimacy of an investor’s information, giving credence to the trustworthiness of the platform.


Safehaven will soon launch a Unicrypt Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) with a 10% discount on $Haven. The sales link will be shared by the team when the token sale commences. The tokens will be distributed upon the launch on PancakeSwap.

Join The Mailing List | Source

DEX’s date of launch will be confirmed soon. Join the mailing list to stay updated. 


  • Contract Address 
  • Token Name/Symbol: Haven Token ($HAVEN)
  • Total Supply: 21,000,000 
  • Unicrypt Initial Liquidity Offering: 6,000,000
  • Burned: 10,500,000 
  • Liquidity Locked: 3,446,820 
  • Team: 330,000 
  • Marketing and Development Fund: 723,180

Media Links

For more information on this innovative platform, visit these official SafeHaven links!




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