SafeGameCash - GameFi Ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain

The Binance Smart Chain-based project offers numerous features to incentivize its users through gaming, holding, innovative rewards campaigns, and many other incentives.

What is SafeGameCash?

SafeGameCash (SGC) is a Play-to-Earn Non-Fungible Token (NFT) GameFi metaverse project built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), created with the mission of migrating holders from the abandoned SafeMoonCash project. The protocol’s native $SGC token has long-term tokenomics backed with a unique strategy. 

The BSC-based project plans to develop a big NFT game. In addition, SGC has other numerous features like staking and charity systems, and rewards, ensuring that users are incentivized while they experience one of the most well-rounded GameFi experiences on BSC.


Features and Roadmap

Charity Fundraiser

This feature will reward participants with BTC. In addition, SGC’s fundraising/drawing system will be launched for SGC projects and charity. To enter, users have to donate to the SGC project and Charity. Still, any donation of 5 USD or more will automatically register any user as a participant for a chance to win the jackpot of 1 BTC. SGC will release more updates about the fundraising campaign and participation in the future. 

The GameFi protocol will use 50% of the proceeds from the campaign for a charity of the community’s choice. The remaining percentage will be leveraged for SGC liquidity, ensuring that the $SGC token is healthy. In addition, SGC will use a poll/voting system so that the community can choose the charity of their choice. 

Savior Swap

Savior Swap is a core feature launched to migrate holders of abandoned tokens into SGC, offering a way to salvage their token and contribute to the development of SafeGameCash. The coin will be reincarnated into a KARMA token. The KARMA token will give rewards in SGC which will then give rewards in BNB. 

NFT Game and Virtual Reality

SGC will launch a big NFT game shortly. The protocol will publish the details of the new game in the BSC ecosystem in their various communities. 

The SGC VR world will also offer users a strong gaming experience on BSC. 

Multi-Game Application 

SGC will launch a gaming application for GameFi enthusiasts. The application will comprise six unique games where users can enjoy gaming all in one place. 

Private Staking With Karma Rewards System 

The idea and principle of this program are to reward holders over the long term for holding $SGC tokens. Every $SGC holder who does not sell, transfer, change or move the SGC tokens is eligible to receive rewards as follows: 

  • Three months holding = 0.5% more on the token redistribution in BNB (depending on the number of tokens) plus a chance of three holders drawn to win a prize like a PC game, video game, TV, etc. 
  • Six months holding = 1.5% more on the token redistribution in BNB plus entry to draw three holders for prizes. 
  • Nine months holding = 2% more on the token redistribution in BNB plus entry to draw three holders for prizes. 

There will also be a super holder reward compensation for users who hold $SGC for 12 months with a 3% redistribution in BNB plus a chance to be among three holders drawn to win incredible prizes: 

  • 1st place and prize: $100,000 (Holders who hold at least $10,000 worth of SGC for one year qualify to win this prize). 
  • 2nd place and prize: $30,000 (Holders who hold at least $5,000 worth of SGC for one year qualify to win this prize).
  • 3rd place and prize: $10,000 (Holders who hold at least $500 worth of SGC for one year qualify to win this prize). 

Importantly, holders will need to keep their SGC coins in their wallets without any transaction of selling, moving, or transferring them for a year. 

Project Vie-U 

This is a significant project that SGC will launch towards the end of the year / the start of next year. According to the protocol’s website post, the new project will take SGC to greater heights. 

“I can assure you that this project will take SGC to new heights never before reached by any other cryptocurrency!!! Many hints regarding the revelation of this project will be posted on our various social networks until the date of the project announcement,” the post read. 

In essence, the project will be part of a big marketing push to promote SafeGameCash. 

Last Words 

SafeGameCash aims to become the latest NFT GameFi project on BSC with multiple use-cases. The protocol engages users with numerous features, including charity draws, hold-to-earn campaigns, Karma Rewards, and many others. 

This project will keep control of smart contracts and marketing wallets - favoring leadership over decentralization.  This means a large portion of the token is in the hands of the team. Whether for better or worse only time will tell.

With the new “big” NFT game under development, SGC is already on the right track on its roadmap towards its growth on BSC and in the NFT industry. 

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