Saber Brings BSC Stablecoins to Solana via Wormhole

Wormhole activates the bridge for USDT, USDC, and BUSD stablecoins from BSC to Solana.

Anirudh Tiwari
November 24, 2021
BSC News

BSC Stablecoins Now on Solana

The Saber protocol has announced on Nov. 23 that the decentralized exchange (DEX) is bringing Binance Smart Chain (BSC) stablecoins to the Solana network enabled by the Wormhole bridge.

The DEX confirmed, via a Twitter post, that it has added the wbBUSD/USDC, wbUSDC/USDC, and wbUSDT/USDT pools to its order books. The Saber (SBR) token rewards will go live 24-hrs after the three pools have gone live. 

“To bridge, head to and follow the instructions to bring assets from Binance Smart Chain to Solana. Make sure you have enough BNB and SOL in your wallets to cover transactions on both sides of the bridge,” mentioned the official blog about the process to bridge these stablecoins on Solana. 
Source: Saber Blog

Wormhole has been enabling the cross-chain capabilities of the Solana network by expanding the capabilities of its bridge. As previously reported by Solana News, Womrhols expanded its bridge to include the Terra blockchain network to bring the UST stablecoin and LUNA token into Solana’s Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

About Saber

Saber is the leading cross-chain Automated Market Maker (AMM) for pegged assets on the Solana blockchain, like stablecoins and wrapped assets. Being Solana’s cross-chain liquidity network, the DEX has facilitated the transfer between the Solana network and other blockchains. Saber currently has a total value locked (TVL) of just over $1 billion, as per data from DeFiLlama.

Find more about Saber here:

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Anirudh Tiwari

Anirudh is a cryptocurrency analyst and writer who specializes in derivatives, DeFi, regulations and CBDCs. He has a Master’s degree in Finance. Before delving into crypto, he worked with a leading U.S. based investment bank. Apart from work, he is a music connoisseur and likes to play the drums. His largest holdings in crypto are Ethereum, Cardano, and Polkadot.

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