Ronaldinho Gives Mini Football Token a Nod of Approval

One of the game’s all-time greats has endorsed the doge-loving fantasy football game.

Robert D. Knight
October 19, 2021
BSC News

Mini Football

Ronaldinho has publicly encouraged his followers to check out Mini Football, a fantasy football game on Binance Smart Chain. The all-time great is one of a number of soccer stars who are backing the platform including Thiago Silva, Vinícius Jr, Ivan Rakitić, Sergio Busquets and Rafinha.

With the backing of some of the biggest stars in the game, Mini Football will hope that it can grab the attention of its target audience despite the many red flags on the website. The tweets and shills from these major stars could be paid, and some of the website looks like it was snipped from popular video games. Still some players took to Twitter in support, like the Brazilian great.

“Check out @MiniFootballBsc,” said Ronaldinho in a recent tweet. “They are bringing the crypto and football world together. NFTs, Fantasy Football and Top 6 exchange listing all coming soon.”

Besides securing the support of a clutch of footballing personalities, Mini Football has now launched its Fantasy Football game. hopefully bring more utility to the token and platform. Users who wish to participate are invited to register here with the password ‘MFTFTW’.

The tokenomics of Mini Football (source)

Amazing Tokenomics?

According to the Mini Football whitepaper, amazing tokenomics are a major factor in setting the project apart. The fee returns to holders is quite small but the increasing prize found is the draw from Mini Football and it appears to be another redundant dog-coin fork.

"Our amazing tokenomics will have you amazed for days,” declares the Mini Football paper. The document goes on to add, “we also will have football games available for you to play on our website where you can play against the computer or against other members of the community to win amazing cash prizes each week.”

Competitions, contests, and prize giveaways are also major pillars of the project’s strategy. The thrill of footballing stars and the growing prize fund can draw users in, but the likes of pump and dumps from the developer team has left many investors salty from losses.

This man saw the Mini Football tokenomics for the first time just a few days ago | Source

Mini Football hosts a twice-weekly prize draw on its Telegram voice chat. It also hosts a monthly football tournament via its Discord. For those users who can’t participate in the games, Mini Football has thought of this as well, with the company giving away a Playstation 5 with a copy of FIFA21 every week.

With celebrity endorsements and a huge number of incentive schemes, it will be interesting to chart the progress of Mini Football over the coming weeks and months.

BSC News recommends erring on the side of caution when it comes to investing in projects still in their infancy. Please make sure to do your own research when investing in cryptos, especially mirco-cap tokens.

About Mini Football

Mini Football outlines their team’s love of football and crypto as inspiring their project. Football and crypto has the ability to disrupt barriers and create global communities they claim. For this reason, they explain, a token that combines both worlds was born, MiniFootball. They aim to build one of the largest communities in crypto, giving seasoned fans and new fans unique and once in a lifetime opportunities through our community prize system!

Where to find Mini Football:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Fantasy Football Website |

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