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RichQuack Flying High: Memecoin Investors Profit 400% Within a Month

The price of RichQuack increased by 400% within a month, including an 80% spike in 12 hours on Oct. 13, as the memecoin hit a 90-day high.

RichQuack Records 90-Day High

While most of the crypto market is down in the dumps, RichQuack ($QUACK) is soaring above the clouds. On Oct. 13, the duck-themed memecoin surged 83% in a 12-hour period, hitting a price of $0.000000003240, which is a 90-day high.

At the time, RichQuack hit a market cap of $140.2 million, pushing it past Baby Doge Coin ($BabyDoge) and, in the context of memecoins, behind only Dogecoin ($DOGE) and Shiba Inu ($SHIBA).

Moreover, the price of $QUACK has increased by more than 400% within a month, from $0.000000000725 on Sept. 22 to $0.00000000324. on Oct. 13.

RichQuack, after all, is a memecoin, so it’s unclear what caused the surge in token price. Sources suggest the price action is linked to social media activity among its community.

Currently, the token ranks above other memecoins in terms of social media activity. According to CryptoInsights, RichQuack registered 12.85 million social media engagements in 24 hours on Oct. 13.

Recently, the developers introduced features to make RichQuack attractive to speculative investors. For example, they incorporated an "anti-whale feature," which prevents any individual wallet from holding more than 1% of the total $QUACK supply.


Later, the team plans to unveil play-to-earn games and dabble in the metaverse, along with a launchpad and incubator.

In light of all these ongoing developments, it will be interesting to see if the memecoin can sustain its recent bull run in the coming days.

What Is RichQuack:

RichQuack is a community-driven project which was founded to give the best returns for the community effort of its investors. The platform's utility includes a decentralized multi-chain launchpad, raffles, and lotteries for holders of the QUACK token.

The platform's QUACK token is hyper-deflationary and rewards long-term holders with a portion of the transaction tax and early access to IDOs.

Where to find RichQuack:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

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