Revault to Spend Near $1 Million on Community Incentives

The spending spree comes as the platform surpasses $75 Million in TVL, indications that the project is finding many adopters.

November 14, 2021

DAO Proposal Number 1

Revault, the vaults-based yield maximizing platform on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), has just raised its first DAO proposal, suggesting that approximately 60,000 $REVA will be used for community incentives program among which, liquidity pools on major AMM platforms such as PancakeSwap Syrup pool, and Alpaca Finance Grazing Rage, along with token burning and Airdrop campaigns.

Launched less than a month ago, Revault offers its users an easy to use dashboard showing the most profitable vaults in the market at any given time. Users are able to choose between the different pools utilizing their assets, based on their APY and trust score. The platform then relays their funds to their chosen vault, adding $REVA tokens as additional incentives to the native vaults’ rewards. From that point on, Revault offers users to rebalance to a more profitable vault, when such arise. Thanks to the platform’s $REVA tokens incentives, users are able to generate up to 100% additional APY at the time of writing these lines.

Currently more than $75,000,000 USD worth of assets are relayed and staked on Revault with APY ranging from 60% to 400%. 

How the Package Gets Spent

On Wednesday, Revault achieved another significant milestone, raising its first DAO proposal, seeking to approve a monstrous $1 million incentive package to all $REVA stakers and holders. According to the proposal, approximately 60,000 $REVA will be distributed as follows:

  • 12,000 $REVA, (Approximately $180,000 USD), will be burnt for the sake of strengthening and stabilizing $REVA price.
  • 25,000 $REVA, (Approximately $375,000 USD), will be used for an Airdrop distribution to $REVA stakers. 
  • 20,652 $REVA, (Approximately $310,000 USD), will be used as incentives for user acquisition pools on major AMM platforms.

Based on Revault’s team members remarks on the project’s community channels, the team is now focused on user acquisition and penetration to the S. Korean market with several big strategic partnerships and a tier 1 Centralized Exchange (CEX) listing.

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