RealFevr Wins Group A in Battle of the Dapps 5.0

by BSC News

January 26, 2023


A recap of the first round in the latest edition of Battle of the Dapps.

RealFevr Draws First Blood

Following an intense Group A battle between three worthy contenders in RealFevr, RadioCaca, and Stader Labs, RealFevr was able to conquer the challenge and advance to the awaited Grand Finale after the “sudden death” round. The popular community vote was won by Radio Caca, while the remaining points were allotted to RealFevr and Stader Labs by both judges, respectively, driving the battle opener into a “sudden death” round for the first time.

Below is a recap of how it all went down in the first round!

Discussing Security

The first set of questions revolved around project security. RealFevr’s rep Fred spoke about their impeccable lack of exploits since the project began in 2015, the three stages of security procedures, and how their smart contracts have undergone audits from security giants like CertiK and Hacken. In turn, Radio Caca rep Xiao reiterated how much priority security is given as well as how they involve more onchain solutions and use centralized gaming to reduce waiting time for users. Stader’s rep Antonio explained how they take a four-pillar approach to security which involves multiple third-party audits, a $1 million bounty bug program, onchain monitoring, and multisig, which prevents any potential internal exploits.

Discussing Longevity

The next set of questions was centered on longevity. This time the questions started with Stader, who discussed how their Ethereum staking solution aims to decentralize the staking landscape and lower the threshold with only a requirement of 4 ETH, adding a lot of value while increasing the number of validators. RealFevr went on to detail how launching Battle Arena activates direct utility to their NFTs and the $FEVR token, as well as plans for Guild Wars which potentially increases the utility of the native token. On the other hand, Radio Caca explained how they had built Jaz Network within the ecosystem, introduced a decentralized ID solution and incorporated it into the project. “The RACA ecosystem has tried to build its own network with the Jaz Chain, and it will help increase traffic flow and build a more sustainable model”, says Xiao Long, Radio Caca community manager, and representative.

Discussing Community

The final set of questions from BSC News was based on community. Radio Caca led the responses this time, discussing how they evaluate feedback from the community through offline events and interaction with real live people, the introduction of more gaming features and social experience through the metaverse and gaming platform for improved user experience and earning capacity, which is a key feature to sustain its large community. Stader took pride in the large numbers that have joined since the introduction of the off-chain governance forum and well as the launch of the staking mechanism for the SD token and revenue share. RealFevr, in turn, expressed how they listen to the interest of the community while focusing on quality and not quantity with regard to chain expansion. “The idea is to have a mixed community, and we are deeply involved with other chain projects and opening up our platform for them to list their NFTs into FEVR battle arena”, said RealFevr representative and CEO Fred.

Projects Asking Projects

The projects also asked each other questions with no specific theme, touching on unique challenges that each project faces. Following this round, the competition moved to “sudden death,” where each project was asked the same question regarding the token value of a project and how it represents success.

Check out the recording of the event to hear the full questions and responses from the projects!

BSC News would like to thank all three participants in Group A for their involvement. DeFi is driven by innovation, and every project participating in Battle of the Dapps has proven its commitment to furthering the growth of the space. BSC News would also like to thank the sponsor of Battle of the Dapps, Lend Finance.

Group B, comprised of Wombex, DeRace, and Venus will clash on January 30 at 7 PM UTC. Follow the official BSC News Twitter account to receive updates on the event and tune in to the official Twitter Space!