Polar Sync Launches on BSCPad and Lists on ApeSwap With Yield Farming Incentives

Polar Sync shows increased signs of development with two top-class integrations.

Utulu Hope
August 30, 2021
BSC News

Twofold Achievement Established 

Polar Sync held its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on BSCPad––and it sold out in an hour. Similarly, the multi-chain application data provider will list its native $POLAR token on ApeSwap

Both integrations represent a significant development for the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) project. ApeSwap announced both moves by Polar Sync in a Tweet on 29th August

“Very excited to announce that our IDO is complete – Sold out in less than a minute! Thanks to the BSCPad team and our great community. Apeswap Listing & Farm going LIVE at 4 pm UTC,” updated Polar Sync in a tweet

Polar Sync is a unique protocol in the DeFi space that provides a top-notch Application Program Interface (API) platform for Decentralized Applications (dapps) across multiple chains. ApeSwap’s Tweet shows PolarSync’s IDO on BSCPad, and listing on ApeSwap will start on Monday, 30th August. 


$POLAR Listing Incentivising ApeSwap Users 

Polar Sync provides data for ApeSwap’s Decentralized Exchange (DEX). In essence, the protocol offers backend support to ApeSwap’s infrastructure for users to enjoy the best frontend experience. 

With the listing on ApeSwap, Polar Sync goes beyond providing data on ApeSwap but offering ApeSwap users a new farm and pool to maximize their profits. ApeSwap DEX explained the benefit of Polar Sync’s partnership on 29th August via Medium

“First! As we mentioned, this strategic partnership will continue to keep data in the jungle flowing smooth and strong. Second, $POLAR is launching on ApeSwap! And who doesn't love a new place to stake their tasty $BANANAs?” The Medium broke down both benefits for ApeSwap users. 


With this, ApeSwap users can stake $BANANA from 16:00 UTC on August 30th to earn $100K $POLAR. Along with this, they can also stake $POLAR-$BNB LP to make some $BANANA. 

The IDO on BSCPad also covers some details of the listing on ApeSwap. For more information, read BSCPad Medium

What Is Polar Sync? 

Polar Sync is a world-class API service platform built for dapps. The protocol provides a unique infrastructure for developers to index and retrieves data at a breakneck pace across multiple blockchains.  

With Polar Sync, engineers can build beautiful, responsive interfaces by leveraging their real-time data, which provides a delightful user experience. 

Where to find Polar Sync:

Website | Twitter | Telegram |

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