Play to Earn NFT Game PocoLand Gears up for Dual IGO

The Binance Smart Chain-based protocol prepares for Initial Gaming Offering on two well-established launchpads.

Utulu Hope
September 7, 2021
BSC News

The Big News 

PocoLand is preparing for what looks to be a game-changer for its development in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. The Play-to-Earn Non-fungible Token (NFT) gaming protocol is set to hold its Initial Gaming Offering (IGO) on Seedify and Oxbull. 

Seedify is an incubator and launchpad for blockchain games and gamers, while Oxbull offers the most progressive launchpad globally. Its IGO launch on both launchpads is a significant milestone for PocoLand’s NFT game. PocoLand reported the big news on Twitter on 31st August.

“IGO ANNOUNCEMENT. We are extremely delighted to officially announce IGO will be held at September 9th on @SeedifyFund & @Oxbull5. Then token will be listed on @PancakeSwap at 3.00 UTC September 10th. Ready to suit up for this amazingly IGO everyone,” the tweet read, announcing the big news. 

The IGO will be held on 9th September via both Launchpads above. Then, the native $POCO token will be listed on PancakeSwap the following day. According to Seedify’s 25th August Medium, the IGO price will be $0.1. 


For more details about PocoLand’s IGO on Seedify, read Seedify’s article. For more information of its IGO on Oxbull, refer to Oxbull’s write-up

The Next Generation Blockchain Game 

The Poco game was created to mimic Axie Infinity, ensuring that players earn tokens through gameplay and donations on its ecosystem. The game comprises fantastic characters, and users create new characters for arranging teams to purchase on its NFT marketplace. 

The NFT gaming protocol offers numerous means of earning. With this in mind, users decide how and what they earn. Through a Medium report on September 7th, PocoLand explained the five different ways of earning by playing the Poco game. They include battling, leverage renting, buying, breeding new characters, and selling to increase ranking in the Poco community while making passive income. 

The game is community-based. As such, users can vote on new features to be added. 

“New players who cannot afford Poco will be able to rent out Poco from older players while experienced players can earn from lending out their poco to new players. This system ensures the barrier to entry of Pocoland stays reasonable to continue fueling its player base and NFT ecosystem,” the September 7th Medium stressed a unique benefit of the Poco game to the community. 

The PocoLand ecosystem is still growing and there is enormous anticipation across the NFT space on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for the exciting plans ahead. PocoLand disclosed a large pool of developers would add new features to its interactive game. With time to kill, users should keep an eye on its Social media pages as we anticipate its upcoming IDO on Oxbull and Seedify. 


What Is PocoLand? 

PocoLand is a DeFi protocol that offers many features such as gaming, NFT marketplace, staking, and yield farming. The Poco game is a new play-to-earn NFT game based on blockchain technology and built on BSC.

Where to find PocoLand:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Medium |   

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