Play, Create and Collect with DEW: The Revolutionary NFT Game with Customizable Avatars

Combining skills, NFTs, and rewards, DEW offers players a unique gaming experience.

The New Skill 2 Earn

Domino Earning World (DEW) is the world's first NFT Domino game, designed and created by players for players. DEW is a game that has created and implemented a new concept: Skill 2 Earn, that is to say, a game of skills with the potential for monetary rewards in the real world.

DEW is creating its own Metaverse, made up entirely of skill games, to provide a unique experience for its users. Also, it will integrate various market niches such as music, video games, NFT, fashion, and entertainment within the metaverse and thus optimize a space in which users can entertain, relax and have fun.

In addition, DEW has 6 different game modes to highlight and change the way of playing, giving players the chance to demonstrate their skills in different scenarios. All game modes are based on developing skills that allow players to implement their own game strategies.

At the same time as being a skill game with the potential for real-world monetary rewards, DEW is also one of the first NFT games to feature a fully customizable avatar creator. Players have the ability to play with color palettes and customize their avatar's physical features, making the gaming experience even more fun and interactive as they create their own unique in-game character.

DEW also has a Game Center, a physical space located in any geographical location, which is the stage in which the plays take place. These Game Centers allow owners to customize some physical aspects, giving them a unique and personalized experience. In addition, a Game Center owner can organize internal tournaments in which players compete against each other for prizes and consolidate leagues that can represent their Game Center in championships. The combination of customization and competition provides players with an enriching and exciting gaming experience. DEW offers an innovative and unique gaming experience.

Moreover, DEW is an innovative game that has its own currency, Domicoin, based on USDT and designed to enhance the gaming experience. Domicoin is a non-fluctuating token that allows players to save on in-game fee costs. That is, stable economy; With Domicoin, players can make fast and secure transactions, allowing them to focus on fun and competition.

Notably, DEW relies on the legal opinion of a law firm that focused on analyzing every aspect of the game under US federal and state law, endorsing and finding that Domino Earning World is a game that meets legal parameters.

Domino Earning World has launched its pre-sale. It will take place during the month of February and will be structured as follows: from February 1 to 8, only basic avatars will be available for sale; from February 15 to 22, accessories for the avatars will be put on sale that will increase the percentage of profit of each avatar and from February 24 to 26 the sale of avatars and accessories will open. The price of the pre-sale avatars will be $85; this is the lowest price available only in pre-sale, and it is for a limited time.

In conclusion, DEW is an innovative and exciting game that combines skills, NFTs, and potential rewards. With its Skill2Earn system and fully customizable game center, DEW gives players the chance to compete, having fun with potential for real-world monetary rewards. Also, DEW pre-sale during the month of February offers an excellent opportunity to get the best price on avatars and accessories.

DEW is one of the first NFT games to feature a fully customizable avatar creator, giving players the ability to create their own in-game character for a unique experience. With its focus on skill and its inclusion of diverse niche markets, DEW is definitely a game worth checking out.

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