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Philippines Hosts Axie Infinity: Origins Season 1 Kick Off Party

Season one kicked off in style as the Philippine Axie community gathered for a party to celebrate the first season of Axie Infinity Origins

Axie Infinity: Origins, a popular blockchain game built on the Ronin network, opened season 1 with a party in the Philippines.

The event held on September 17 was organized by Blockchain Space, Draper Startup House, and Community Gaming, and featured a LAN tournament that was free of any runes and charms. 32 players joined the tournament where half of the final four players standing were affiliated with top Axie Esports team, METAT8. Zyori, Axie Infinity’s head of Esports and Content, also graced the event after a successfully planned AxieCon.

“I am grateful about every moment and experience of putting thing event together,” ChristianDV, event organizer and coordinator,” told BSCNews. “It was really a challenge for the team to make everything smooth and give a fun experience because I have a strong desire to give back to the community that I love. Kudos to the team for adapting in every situation to make the event successful.”
AxiePH community during the kickoff party

The event attracted some star studded guests both from the local and international Axie community. Leah Callon-Butler, director of Emfarsis, Stewart, Axie Infinity’s Esports manager, and Nix Eniego, Axie’s Philippine Lead, were all in attendance.

Content creator, Extra Rai, hosted the event, while Philippine casters, Archer Perez and Invictum, called the shots live during the event. Pandauser did the casting for the livestream due to some audio glitches with live play calls.

“The event was really fun. Physical events like this and interacting with community members never fails to ignite the fire in me to continue being here,” recalled Axie community member, Shiela Bertillo.

ESports Tournament

Rounding off the top four spots that joined the two METAT8 contingents, Penelope and Hashekiii were Dino of LLGMobius and walk in participant, Cryons. In the first semifinal match, Dino’s poison reptile team got the better of Cryons’ double plant aqua build as Dino won the match 2-0.

Teammates clash in the second semifinal matches as both Penelope and Hashekiii fielded very similar teams in a triple plant with cactus and carrot build. However, a clutch leafy play by Hashekiii booked his ticket to the finals with a 2-0 win of his own.

Source: Axie Infinity Livestream

The best-of-five finals showdown opened with the usual triple plant build from Hashekiii, and a different double bird aqua build for Dino. Late game deathmarks proved too much for Dino as Hashekiii got the early 1-0 lead. Dino then switched to his triple reptile poison build, but a two stacked leafy play was too painful coupled with a vulnerable applied to Dino’s last Axie gave Hashekiii a dominant 2-0 advantage.

A 2v1 endgame situation capped off a dominating finals performance for Hashekiii as his triple carrot plants sealed the championship match 3-0.

“We’re always helping each other out in METAT8,” Hashekiii said in Tagalog at the end of the event. “I got input from my teammates and coaches. Others even lent me some Axies that I can use for this tournament. I’m really thankful to them.”
The top four placers with organizers of the event

Another dominating performance for METAT8 as they already ended season 0 on top, and won both world championships for Classic and Origins during AxieCon.

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