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Peter Schiff's Twitter Account Hacked: Attackers Promote Gold-Branded Token in Cyber Intrusion

The cyber intruders seized control of Schiff's Twitter account and proceeded to endorse the launch of a supposedly groundbreaking cryptocurrency token called $GOLD. ‍

$GOLD Token Scam Unveiled

The Twitter account of prominent Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff has been compromised, resulting in the promotion of a gold-branded token by unknown attackers. 


Several tweets appeared within a few hours, claiming that the digital asset represents tokenized gold and is poised to revolutionize gold-backed decentralized finance (DeFi), thereby empowering the Web3 community. The perpetrators of this apparent scam urged Schiff's followers to "claim your $GOLD," asserting that the token was on the verge of selling out. 

Schiff's son, Spencer Schiff, took to Twitter to warn users against following any links posted by the hackers, who attempted to lure victims using his father's name. He further disclosed that Peter Schiff is currently in the U.K. and has not been responding to his messages during the early hours of Saturday local time. Consequently, he concluded that his father's account had "certainly been hacked."

Interestingly, before this cyber intrusion, Peter Schiff had displayed an unexpected change in his stance towards Bitcoin's underlying technology. Despite his reputation for scathing criticism of the cryptocurrency, Schiff surprisingly revealed his NFT collection on the Bitcoin Ordinals platform, leaving the crypto community astonished.

Schiff later emphasized that the Ordinals platform contributes value to the artwork by simplifying the authentication process, but he remained resolute in his belief that Bitcoin lacks intrinsic value.

Meanwhile, as the investigation into the hacking incident unfolds, users are advised to exercise caution and refrain from engaging with any suspicious links or claims made on Peter Schiff's compromised Twitter account.

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