PERPS by Growth DeFi Launches on BNB Chain

PERPS' innovative zero-slippage model allows users to execute trades instantly and without spreads.

PERPS Launch Imminent

Growth DeFi has announced that its Perpetual Futures Contracts trading platform, PERPS, is set to launch on September 14 on Launching on BNB Chain, the platform will offer a whole new dynamic, instant, secure, and decentralized way of trading the perpetual markets.

PERPS' easy-to-use interface is built to simplify user onboarding, with the dashboard displaying vital information about user funds at all times.

Benefits of Using PERPS

PERPS offers unique features that provide a superior experience for users.


Perps is a zero-slippage platform. This means that whatever price users see quoted is what they get once the trade is executed, regardless of size. This is made possible by using the platform's native overcollateralized stablecoin, MOR, as the counterparty.

Instant Trades

Besides offering zero-slippage, trades execute instantly on PERPS as it is LP/Protocol-based instead of orderbook-based. With order books, a user has to place a matching sell order which can cause spreads. However, PERPS acts as the broker, meaning users can instantly get in and out of trades without waiting for an order to execute.


As further incentives for traders, PERPS will offer additional perks such as VIP levels for holding partner tokens while offering users rebates when they use PERPS. There will also be trading competitions to reward PERPS users. More details will be revealed by the team post-launch.

xPERPS Yield Farm

PERPS will also add a yield farm to incentivize the usage of the counterparty pool, which is the backing for PERPS. The token for the yield farm will be called xPERPS.

A one-week sacrifice round is currently being held for xPERPS and will end on September 14.

xPERPS Utility

xPERPS has a number of use cases built into the ecosystem:

  • Deposit xPERPs into the xPERPs VDCs.
  • Deposit xPERPs into the xGRO VDCs for a "Boosted Position."
  • Deposit xPERPs into the veGRO staking platform.
  • Farm with xPERPs and earn yield on it.

PERPs is backed by Counterparty pool deposits, which will pay the highest yield in xPerps. The interface will have a deposit and withdrawal feature where users can earn yield and share in the counterparty pool profits.

Farming Positions on xPERPS

  • xPERPs/BNB
  • Counterparty Pool tokens

Perps operates a model that allows users to choose the fee rate while depositing into each pool, which affects the allocation of xPERPs rewards. Learn more about the rates and allocation rewards here.

Users who do not claim their xPERPs rewards daily at a specific time will lose them.

How Unclaimed xPERPS are Utilized

  • 40% is sent to the xPERPs VDC drip pool. Stakers in the VDC will get to share in this daily from drips.
  • The remaining 60% is sent to the BURN address daily.

Trading on PERPS

BUSD will be the primary collateral and settlement currency on PERPS. Users who deposit BUSD receive a synthetic token representing the underlying asset being traded, and this token will be used to open positions. Traders can also apply maximum leverage of 10x while opening positions.

Available Markets on Perps

Upon launch, BTC, ETH, and BNB markets will be available on Perps, with a subsequent launch of commodities, starting with gold and silver.

PERPS Target Market

A variety of users who would benefit from using PERPS include:

  • Traders who would use PERPS to trade and hedge.
  • Passive LPers who would deposit stables (BUSD) into the counterparty pool to act as market makers. Liquidity Providers receive swap fees from all the trades executed on the platform.
  • Fund managers who would like to diversify their holdings by including commodities.


According to the roadmap, PERPS plans to introduce customized spreads and expand asset selection in the last quarter of 2022. Onboarding of commodities and cross-chain expansion will follow in 2023.

Learn more about PERPS on the official website here.

Learn more about Growth DeFi via the following links:

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