PancakeSwap x Wallchain Integration: MEV Protection for BNB Chain

by BSC News

October 6, 2023


PancakeSwap users will now be able to benefit from Wallchain’s innovative features and offerings, which are centred around protection from MEV attacks.

Announced in a blog post by Wallchain investor, MH Ventures, this latest integration with BNB Chain’s leading decentralized exchange is aimed at allowing PancakeSwap’s community to benefit from Wallchain’s MEV protection and rebate features. 

According to the post, Wallchain’s integration partners “now cover 90%+ of the order flow on BNB chain”. Though beginning with BNB Chain, Wallchain reportedly plans to expand its offering across other major EVM ecosystems, with a view to improving the cryptocurrency user experience across the industry as a whole. 

“The integration with PancakeSwap is a significant leap forward. The PancakeSwap community will soon be able to leverage Wallchain's advanced MEV rebate features, thereby saving on MEV losses. This is a win-win situation for both platforms and users.” reads the post

Wallchain’s Solution to MEV Vulnerability

Wallchain leverages an innovative solution, known as ‘meta-intents’, to improve the cryptocurrency user journey. 

Meta-intents work by “combining user transaction data and searcher backrun into a single transaction” - a process which not only protects traders from MEV attacks, but also provides a financial benefit as a result. 

MH’s blog post further highlights three of Wallchain’s most notable achievements:

  1. Eliminates the need for extra gas/bribe payment.
  2. Independence from blockchain type, making it blockchain agnostic
  3. MEV extraction before any OFA, RPCs, sequencers, validators etc.
“The launch of Wallchain’s integration with PancakeSwap marks a pivotal moment in the crypto industry, setting new standards for user-focused innovation and cost-efficiency. This collaboration not only addresses the long-standing issue of MEV attacks but also transforms it into an opportunity for users to financially benefit.”


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