OpenSea Denies Knowledge of Former-Employee’s Alleged Involvement in $60 Million Scam

by BSC News

October 9, 2023


X/Twitter-based accusations allege that a former OpenSea employee was involved in various malicious incidents including the well-known $60 million AnubisDAO rug-pull. The Marketplace has reportedly offered comment on the saga…

NFT Ethics, an anonymous X/Twitter account with nearly 80,000 followers, issued the below post, requesting that leading NFT marketplace, OpenSea, offer its thoughts on accusations that Kevin Pawlak, allegedly 0xSisyphus on X/Twitter, was involved in various malicious cryptocurrency activities, including the well-known AnubisDAO rug-pull.

According to Cointelegraph, a spokesperson for the marketplace has offered comment in response to the request:

“Kevin is a former employee who left the company in June 2023. He had a limited scope while at OpenSea — where he worked in a non-management position. We have no awareness of his involvement with the projects in question… Furthermore, we have no connection to, or information about, the projects in question, as they took place before his time at OpenSea”.

NFT Ethics also shared a screenshot in their post which, using the WayBackMachine, appears to show Kevin Pawlak as the former Head of OpenSea Ventures.

Skepticism Surrounding the Accusations

NFT Ethics’ thread contains several accusations beyond involvement in the AnubisDAO rug-pull, but some social media commentators are cynical of their validity, including well-respected on-chain sleuth, ZachXBT.

Source: X/Twitter


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