No Sh*t – Poopies NFTs the Next NFTs from PancakeSwap

Don’t let these poopies put you off your PancakeSwap, they’re only NFTs after all.

Robert D. Knight
November 18, 2021
BSC News

Pancake Poops

PancakeSwap has dropped a sh*t-themed Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection onto their NFT marketplace, and it’s already caused quite the splash. Poopies are 10,000 of the most shitty automatically generated NFTs on the market. Whether they are good or not is a matter of taste, but either way, they’re definitely poopies.

Poopies are in many ways like their real-life namesake. They come in a range of shapes and colors, and the very best ones are so good you’ll want to show them to your friends. 

“Poopies just listed on the @PancakeSwap #NFT Marketplace,” said Poopies in a tweet on August 17th. “The moment has finally come! Thanks to your dedication and support Poopies are finally listed on one of the largest decentralized platforms in the #Metaverse Who hasn't used PancakeSwap?”

Having enjoyed success with Poopies the company is now launching a second NFT collection called Wipies. Sounds like a case of cleaning up after their mess.

Poopies on PancakeSwap | Source

The lowest current price for a Poopies NFT is Lowest 0.099 BNB, around $50 USD. The highest Poopies NFTs are fetching prices of 10,000 BNB, over $5 Million USD, according to the marketplace

What are Poopies NFTs

Poopies are 10.000 of the most sh*tty automatically generated NFT’s. The Poopies exist of hundreds of shapes and colors, each differing in rarity and uniqueness. When you own your shit you don't just own a piece of crap, you own a unique piece of art.

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