NFT MetaPets AMA Transcript

"NFT Meta Pets is creating a full scale gaming ecosystem in which YOU can participate using your unique NFT Meta Pet."

December 22, 2021

Andrew (DeFi Direct)

Well welcome into the AMA with NFT Meta Pets everyone!

Today we have @anaboliccrypto joining us to talk about their platform

Anabolic Crypto

Excited to be here !!! 😁😁😁

Andrew (DeFi Direct)

So how this will work is, the AMA will consist of two rounds. The first round will be us going through the questions that I had prepared for you before hand. And then the second round will be a community round where I will open up the room to allow questions to come in. The second round is also where we will select the two winners of our giveaway

Sound good?

Anabolic Crypto

That sounds absolutely wonderful!!

Andrew (DeFi Direct)

Okay great

so to get things started

1. Please introduce yourself and the team behind NFT Meta Pets.

Anabolic Crypto

Hi Everyone - I am the founder and owner of NFT Meta Pets. I am extremely experienced in the tech space, and have focussing on the crypto space this year. I was an advisor turned GM for a global crypto start up where I played a key part in helping them scale. I run my own app development and marketing agecy along with businesses in the animal industry. Our team consists of blockchain developers, app developers, marketing, admin, logistic, creative studios, gaming studios and more.

Andrew (DeFi Direct)

Awesome thanks!

Anabolic Crypto

Youre most welcome !

2. What is NFT Meta Pets and what are you trying to accomplish with this project?

Anabolic Crypto

NFT Meta Pets combines the Metaverse, AR, 3D Pets, GameFI and NFTs into a single fluid gaming ecosystem. 

NFT Meta Pets is loaded with utilities that are essential for a successful business in the growing crypto-meets-Metaverse space. It will be building its very own Metaverse, utilize Augmented Reality (AR) mobile games and experiences, and constantly release cute 3D Meta Pets for you to purchase and utilize in the gaming ecosystem.

We have our NFT Market Place under development at the moment. This will allow you purchase NFT Meta Boxes that contain unique NFT’s that have their own rarities, traits and APYS to allow you to stake your favourite NFT Meta Pets!

Here is a preview of our market place to show the community how far we have already progressed.

Just one moment guys

Its uploading =)

We have told the community this will be coming within 6-8 weeks from launch. This may happen sooner than this but we will leave that as a surprise for after we launch. We already have an inventory of NFT Meta Pets that exceeds 100 +.

This is to allow them to feed into the blockchain gaming app ecosystem that we are building.

We will be then turning this into the WORLDS FIRST PET INFLUENCER NFT MARKETPLACE in which users can upload their pets onto the blockchain to allow them to live forever. Memories fade. Files can get corrupted. Blockchain is forever. We want YOUR pet whether its digital or a real life one or one you’ve had in the past to have a new shot at living life on the blockchain.

This is our first utility but we are not stopping just yet !

We are also building an augmented reality meets blockchain powered gaming app called AR Meta Pets.

AR Meta Pets will be a fully fledged augmented reality game in which users globally can explore real life locations to search for NFT Meta Pets, and earn rewards. These NFT Meta Pets that they collect will have the ability to breed to create new NFT Meta Pets.

They will be able to swap, sell and collect unique NFT Meta Pets. The users will be able to see the NFT Meta Pets in augmented reality on their phone. The purpose of this is to allow crypto and mainstream  audience to own their first NFT in a fun and engaging manner. There have been similar apps but not utilising the blockchain that have gone on to be multi billion dollar apps generating billions of dollars in revenue. Now imagine how that fits in when you mix blockchain to the mix.

Here’s a little preview of AR Meta Pets

We have more utility though Andrew!!

We haven't finished yet 🙂

We are also building NFT Meta Fit. This is a gaming app that will be utilising the move to earn concept in which users are rewarded for the level of physical activity they undertake. NFT Meta Pets will be linked to the app, and the level of physical activity under taken by the user will affect the characteristics of their NFT Meta Pet as well the rewards they earn.

This means that if you are being physicaly active and living a healthy lifestyle, this will directly impact your NFT Meta Pet and rewards in a positive way. If you are living a sedentary lifestyle the opposite occurs. The purpose of building this is to promote healthy living in an interactive way powered by the blockchain. Again we see how we have linked our NFT Meta Pets with utility. This is is essential for any business in this space to thrive.


We have show 3 major modules that we are building thus far and i've saved the big one for the end.

NFT Petaverse will be a fully fledged animal themed metaverse in which you can interact with other animal lovers, go on quests, collect NFT Meta Pets, purchase items, and explore our brand partners at the time that have bought land in our NFT Petaverse to promote their business. There is a full internal road map in terms of how to go about building this, and we will share previews from this next year to show our community what we are building.  There are no limits to how we build this, and we will be utilising all our resources and linking our up our ecosystem with the launch of NFT PetaVerse when it is finished development.

As you can see we are building our business around utility, and its powered by a tight supply and led by an experienced founder in the space with network and connections to get things done! I have extensive experience in the space and have been involved in playing a pivotal role in scaling another business before embarking on this journey to build the worlds best pet themed gaming ecosystem for users all over the world to love !

There is a lot to take in there but please take the time to digest this information as what we are doing is truely revolutionary.

3. Please tell us about the benefits and advantages of using NFT Meta Pets, including breeding pets?

Anabolic Crypto

All our NFT Meta Pets will have unique attributes that will play a part in our extensive NFT ecosystem. This includes breeding to create new NFTS. NFT Meta Pets will also have NFT Staking available on its market place. Those that engage in our ecosystem will be rewarded and engaged in a plethora of ways. We are also creating a few revolutionary world firsts in the products that we are developing. All of these combined make it a no brainer to become a part of the journey! 🙂

Andrew (DeFi Direct)

Yeah for sure!

4. What do you need to get started on NFT Meta Pets?

Anabolic Crypto

We have got everything we need to have an extremely succesfull launch. This will be happening between 3PM-9PM UTC tomorrow (22nd December 2021). We have our utility under development. Our marketing channels are all being activated. All we need now is for the community to know that we have come out in a fully KYC + doxxed manner. We have certik onboarded already. Check out the link below and make sure you click secure once you're there 🙂 

We also need people to join our TG to keep upto date with the many rewards and incentives that we have in place. Click the link and JOIN 🙂 

This is an example of our NFT. He is called LIGERTRON

Andrew (DeFi Direct)

Awesome man that looks sick!

So to touch more on the NFTs

5. Please tell us more about your NFTs. What are the utilities?

Anabolic Crypto

All our NFTs will be integrated into our extensive NFT gaming ecosystem. So again they will be able to stake, breed, collect, swap, sell, auction and utilize them within the games and metaverse that we are creating.

They will be able to be used on our NFT Market Place, AR Meta Pets, NFT Meta Fit, NFT Petaverse and will be the engine powering our gaming ecosystem.

Andrew (DeFi Direct)

Okay very nice!

6. Where are you on your roadmap? Once the game is launched, how will you incentivize yourselves to keep improving the game?

Anabolic Crypto

We have achieved all our targets for Q4 roadmap and currently exceeding them. Once our NFT Marketplace, AR Meta Pets, NFT Meta Fit and NFT PetaVerse is released we will ensure to have thorough review process, and we will constantly be adding new features and NFT Meta Pets to keep the experience fun and engaging.

The way we will incentivise our self to improve our product is simple - We are building a business so if we are not improving then we are not doing our job. So the incentive to keep improving is one that is inbuilt within myself and the team. We will always strive to keep improving, and evolving no matter what as improvement will lead to increase customer satisfaction which will lead to greater profits for the business.

Andrew (DeFi Direct)


And last but not least

7. Any exciting news you would like to announce here today?

Anabolic Crypto


The most important information is that we are GOING to launch between 3PM-9PM UTC 22nd December. 

Make sure you are on our TG to keep up with everything as there will be a lot dropping -

We have already been onboarded for Certik -  (make sure to click secure)

We have a $11,000 prize give away on christmas day!

We have done 3 AMAs so far today, with another 3 still to go ! The next one is with Trav lad who is an influencer in the space and extremely hard to get a hold off.

Our twitter link is -

Make sure to follow and engage with us to keep up to date with the news

Andrew (DeFi Direct)

That's awesome! make sure to go and check out NFT Meta Pets everyone! And tune into their next AMA as well :)


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