Mythical Games Receives Funding from Binance, FTX, Michael Jordan, and More

The funds will accelerate the platform’s development in the GameFi industry, as it looks to create a gaming ecosystem filled with the best Play-to-Earn NFT games.

Utulu Hope
November 7, 2021
Blockchain News

Mythical Games Raise $150M from Funding Round 

Mythical Games have raised $150 million from a funding round that features numerous top names in the financial industry. The funding round was led by global venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), including FTX, Binance Labs, Michael Novogratz, Michael Jordan, and many other top institutions and individuals. Mythical Games now has a market valuation of $1.25 billion after the funding round. 

The considerable fund would be used to develop the platform’s open-world multiplayer game—Blankos Block Party, and promote more Non-fungible Token (NFT) games in the future. The new round takes Mythical Games’ total funding to $270 million, barely four months after raising $75 million in early June. In addition, the NFT game platform has raised a total of $225 million in 2021. 

In an interview with GamesBeat, CEO of Mythical Games, John Linden, disclosed that the funding round was impromptu. However, he asserted that the funds would go a long way in developing the platform’s ecosystem. 

“We weren’t planning on raising and Andreessen came to us and put together a round for us, which was great,” John Linden told GamesBeat. “We’re very honored to be a portfolio company of Andressen Horowitz.” 

Mythical Games is a renowned name in gaming technology that creates a unique gaming ecosystem by utilizing blockchain technology combined with NFT GameFi. The platform ensures that players, artists, brands, game developers, and creators have freedom and ownership through custom Play-to-Earn gaming economies. Thus, the funding will go a long way towards attracting more developers and players and eventually creating a go-to platform with the best playable NFT games built on blockchain.

The Next Big NFT GameFi Platform? 

Head of Binance Labs Fund, Bill Chin, was optimistic about the Mythical Games prospect in the NFT GameFi space. This is attributed to the fact that the platform has a group of talented and experienced individuals to build a gaming economy for large communities. 

“We believe Mythical may prove to be one of the most disruptive players in the crypto gaming and NFT ecosystem,” Bill Chin said in an official press statement on November 5th. “Their team, led by experienced gaming industry executives, has impressed us with their vision and unique capability to build a market-leading platform. We look forward to seeing their innovative play-to-earn concepts and playable NFTs shake up the gaming industry and forever change how gamers interact with their favorite properties.” 

The Mythical Game protocol will open the door to any user via its platform built on NFTs and blockchain technology. With time, we would see users utilize the platform to earn from playing the best NFT games. General partner of a16z, Arianna Simpson, also spoke about the platform’s development in the Mythical Games’ press release

“Mythical Games played a formative role in the development of play-to-earn concepts, and has clearly established itself as a top player among gaming technology studios, attracting mainstream players with its distinctive design and quality game,” Arianna disclosed. 

About Mythical Games 

Mythical Games is a team of veteran game and platform developers passionate about bringing game-changing concepts to market. The protocol aims to create world-class products that drive consumer adoption of distributed ledger technology through games. 

Where to find Mythical Games: 

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Discord

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