MyEtherWallet Integrates Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Support In MEW 6 Update

With the new update, users can now send, receive, and swap BSC tokens within MyEtherWallet.

Ahamdi Abarikwu
July 13, 2021
BSC News

Massive Upgrade Brings Exciting Features

Popular open-source crypto wallet, MyEtherWallet, has carried out an extensive upgrade. The latest iteration of MyEtherWallet, dubbed MEW6, is loaded with new features. According to an announcement on the wallet's Medium page from July 8, these features will provide users with arguably all they need to maximize their use of the Ethereum blockchain. Here's the exciting part, though: MEW6 now supports Binance Smart Chain (BSC)


Traditionally, MyEtherWallet only supported Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. With MEW6, however, BSC is now integrated into the wallet. What it means is that users can directly send/receive BEP-20 tokens and conduct swaps on BSC right from within MyEtherWallet. 

Other Features In The New MEW6 Update

  • Welcome Onboard BSC and Polygon Fans

MEW6 is now cross-chain. It supports swaps on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon networks.


  • Users No Longer Need To Manually Add Custom Tokens. 

You will think that that's a minus, right? The good news is that the MEW6 system now does it automatically for users! Once users connect their wallets, all their assets, including Non-Fungible Tokens, on the Ethereum blockchain, would be displayed on the dashboard.

  • New DApps Tab

The updated MEW now has a tab through which users can access carefully selected decentralized applications (dApps). Developers can also add MyEtherWallet as one of their dApp's wallet connection options following this guide.

  • Multiple Wallet Connection Options

MEW6 enables users to connect their hardware and mobile wallets. Users can also import other wallets into MEW6 using private keys or keystore files etc. Connecting one's wallet to MEW6 has the added benefit of giving one access to Polygon and BSC networks even if the originating wallet does not natively support those networks.

Last Words

MyEtherWallet's non-custodial wallet has traditionally been a trusted open-source wallet for the Ethereum blockchain. The wallet's latest MEW6 update now has integrated support for Binance Smart Chain and Polygon networks. Users of MEW6 will be able to leverage the fast transaction speed and low gas fees of BSC and Polygon.

To find out more about MyEtherWallet, visit these links:

Website | Medium | Twitter | GitHub | LinkedIn 

Ahamdi Abarikwu

Ahamdi Abarikwu is an Electrical Engineer and a lover of anything crypto. He is also an avid writer, proofreader and editor. He loves to play Scrabble in his spare time.

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