My DeFi Pet Update and Patches for Revamped Game

The update features several innovations to boost the protocol's adoption on Binance Smart Chain.

Utulu Hope
October 8, 2021
BSC News

The New Build 

My DeFi Pet has made some new changes to its GameFi protocol. The Non-fungible token (NFT) GameFi and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform looks to ensure users have the best gaming experience in a revamped ecosystem. 

The protocol termed the revamping process as “a new build.” As seen on its Twitter page, My DeFi Pet will make four changes to its protocol. In addition, the protocol plans to modify its World Boss game.  

“The new build will be updated today. Here’s the patch for this update: World boss remake, New resource, Improve, Fix bug,” the GameFi protocol tweeted on 7th October, announcing the new changes that will be formulated. 

My DeFi Pet also sheds more light on the four innovative modifications via Facebook. According to the Facebook post from 7th October, The new build will commence on 8th October, as the Bossfight event takes center stage. 


What’s in The New Build? 

As we read in the Tweet, My DeFi Pet will make changes by adding new resources, improve First Person Shooter (FPS) experience, fix bugs, and most importantly, revamp its World Boss game. 

My DeFi Pet would update the World Boss game with a new Play-to-Earn feature. The game will now allow users to earn two tokens -- $ELIXIR and $DPET. The $ELIXIR token is the latest resource added to the World Boss game and can be obtained from participating in the Bossfight event. Additionally, like the $DPET token, the $ELIXIR token can be traded by users for in-game skills. 

“Buy special stuff: Can trade Elixir for other special skills that help you increase your pets’ power to fight against the mighty BOSS more easily. There will be many upcoming special skills in the bossfight event,” My DeFi Pet wrote on Facebook

The Bossfight event is perhaps the best feature added to the revamped World Boss game because it not only gives users $ELIXIR, but they can also participate in the event without gas fees. However, the GameFi protocol has published details about the new token. 

If you are interested in participating in the Bossfight event, read the protocol’s tutorial. Also, refer to My DeFi Pet’s Facebook post for more details about the new upgrades. 

About My DeFi Pet

My DeFi Pet is a virtual pet raising game that combines traditional pet raising games and DeFi. The protocol is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and aims at using its Play-to-Earn mechanism to become the most adopted game worldwide. 

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