Moonpots Introduces Daily Increasing Side Pots Prizes

The new feature would incentivize users, ensuring that they earn from staking assets.

Utulu Hope
October 13, 2021
BSC News

Moonpot Launches Side Pots

Moonpot has introduced a new feature known as Side Pots, an innovation that allows users to earn prizes daily. 

The Moonpot team has been working tirelessly to launch a user-friendly mechanism that will yield profit, and in Side Pots, they might have just achieved their long-term goal. The GameFi platform on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) announced the new feature on 11th October via Twitter. 

“Daily $CAKE Side Pots are live. Our first ever prize only Pot is ready:  Stake $CAKE. Win $1000 of $CAKE every day. As TVL increases, winners increase,” tweeted Moonpot. 

Side Pots is a brilliant idea by the BSC-based protocol. They are Moonpots that give every user a fair chance to win a prize each day. As seen in the tweet, the first Side Pot will allow users to stake $CAKE and earn $CAKE. However, each Side Pot will start by having just one winner who will get 100% of the prize daily. 


A Glance at Moonpot’s Side Pots 

Side Pots are Moonpots that will provide every user a chance to win a prize every day. Presently, Moonpot would only award one winner 100% of the prize, but the protocol plans to increase the number of winners as Side Pot grows. 

Side Pots are displayed on the protocol’s game page alongside other prize draw games. Users can enter to participate easily. All that is required for any interested user is to visit the game website, connect their wallet, stake the necessary crypto asset, and wait to see if they win! 

As of this writing, the first $CAKE winner has already emerged. According to Moonpots’ tweet on 12th October, the winning ticket got 70 $CAKE, worth $1,354. In addition, the number of winners would increase as Total Value Locked (TVL) grows. 


About Moonpot

Moonpot is a win-win lottery on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with the mission to help as many people as possible grow their assets safely and securely while having fun doing so. Moonpot savings vaults make it simple for anyone to access the bank-beating DeFi interest rates available in crypto. A weekly lottery gives everyone saving via Moonpot the thrill of a possible big win while never putting their deposit at risk.

Where to find Moonpot:

Website | YouTube | Telegram | Discord | Twitter | GitHub |

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